Vungle's Adobe Air Plugin
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Vungle's AdobeAir-Plugin

Getting Started

To get up and running with Vungle, you'll need to Create an Account With Vungle and Add an Application to the Vungle Dashboard

Once you've created an account you can follow our Getting Started for Adobe Air Guide to complete the integration. Remember to get the Vungle App ID from the Vungle dashboard.


  • The Vungle Extension Requires Adobe AIR SDK 4.0 or higher

Release Notes


  • Integrated iOS Publisher SDK v4.1.0
  • Integrated Android Publisher SDK v4.1.0

Known issues

The linker bundled with Adobe AIR SDK 25 can not recognize some entries in the static library that is included in the Vungle SDK 4.1.0. When you try to build an AIR application for iOS, you get an error message that looks like this:

ld: in /var/folders/41/c10lb6_n6dq3_6tld7vbcg5r0000gn/T/5e99c7f3-9ad4-43ba-a33c-7667fbae07c5/libcom.vungle.extensions.Vungle.a(VungleNetworkOperation.o), archive member 'VungleNetworkOperation.o' with length 75024 is not mach-o or llvm bitcode for architecture arm64
ld: in /var/folders/41/c10lb6_n6dq3_6tld7vbcg5r0000gn/T/5e99c7f3-9ad4-43ba-a33c-7667fbae07c5/libcom.vungle.extensions.Vungle.a(VungleNetworkOperation.o), archive member 'VungleNetworkOperation.o' with length 73152 is not mach-o or llvm bitcode for architecture armv7
Compilation failed while executing : ld64

As a workaround you can install Xcode and replace $FLEX_HOME/lib/aot/bin/ld64/ld64 with a symlink to /usr/bin/ld or /Applications/

cd "$FLEX_HOME/lib/aot/bin/ld64"
mv ld64 ld64.orig
ln -s /usr/bin/ld ld64


The Vungle Air Extension is available under a commercial license. See the LICENSE file for more info.