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VERSION 6.3.17

  • Updates for improved performance

VERSION 6.3.12

  • Optional placement list during initialization, support for zero auto-cached Placement
  • Removal of Evernote and related transitive dependencies
  • Stability fixes


  • GDPR compliance
  • License update
  • Redesigned SDK to lower method count and SDK size
  • Reduced time needed to initialize and play a cached Ad
  • Deprecated generic callback and introduced API specific callbacks to simplify integration. Please refer Migration section of V6 SDK documentation


  • Sleep code to be enforced at placement level
  • Ability to close Flex-View ads through API and timer
  • Ordinal data reporting
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements


  • Added support for Amazon appstore/platform and Amazon Advertising ID
  • Android Oreo compatibility.
  • Ability to detect and target Apps for ‘Allow unknown sources’ on devices to enable sideload of apk's
  • Bug-fixes for Stability


  • Launched new Placements feature.
  • Added Native Flex View ad unit.
  • Added Moat Viewability technology to provide viewership data on ads.


  • Added support for Android Nougat (Android v7.0)
  • Reporting more device stats to serve better and better ads
  • Upgraded to Dagger 2.7
  • Added wrapper-framework values for admob, dfp, heyzap, mopub
  • Integrated RxJava architecture for ad preparation


  • Fixed the device ID timeout when play-services is not included
  • Migrate to Dagger 2
  • Cleaned up all the Proguard filters that are not required after Dagger 2 migration
  • Fixed a few minor Unity bugs
  • Handling SSL errors better
  • Developers are warned when invalid App ID is used to initialize
  • Added support for interstitial MRAID ads
  • Updated EventListener.onAdEnd() api to include wasSuccessfulView parameter
  • Deprecated EventListener.onVideoView() api
  • Increased min Android API level to 3.0 (Honeycomb - version 11)
  • Removed dependency on support-v4 library and nineoldandroids library


  • Added support for Dagger 2
  • Increased minimum supported Android SDK level from API 9 to API 11
  • Upgraded maximum Google Play Services version to 8.3.0
  • Removed dependencies on support-v4 library and nineoldandroids library
  • Fixed black screen issue with Unity plugin


  • Fixed a bug that might cause a crash on devices with Android 4.2 or lower OS
  • Fixed a bug to resume the video ad upon unlocking the screen on devices with screenlock set to none
  • Persist sleeps across app restarts


  • Added support for Android Marshmallow by simplifying the required app permissions


  • Fixed a bug that might cause ad to crash when returning to foreground


  • Improved event bus performance
  • Added support for remote error reporting
  • Added support for installed app data collection
  • Updated incentivized dialogs to use the default application theme
  • Added link to Vungle's privacy policy in the ad experience
  • Replaced the countdown timer with a progress bar timer
  • Fixed some minor bugs


  • Added support for latest Google Play Services (6.5.87+)
  • The Vungle SDK can now be integrated without Google Play Services if desired
  • Changed the VunglePub public API
    • Added support for multiple EventListeners
      • Renamed setEventListener() to setEventListeners()
      • Added addEventListeners(), clearEventListeners(), and removeEventListeners()
    • Renamed isCachedAdAvailable() to isAdPlayable()
  • Renamed EventListener.onCachedAdAvailable() to EventListener.onAdPlayableChanged()
  • VunglePub.isAdPlayable() and EventListener.onAdPlayableChanged() take into account minimum mdelays between ads and other conditions which might prevent an ad from being played if requested. Previously, VunglePub.isCachedAdAvailable() and EventListener.onCachedAdAvailable() did not take these factors into account.
  • Ad close now enabled during and after incentivized alert dialog
  • Improved local caching performance
  • Improved cached ad retrieval logic and timing
  • Improved network request handling
    • Improved notifications around failed network requests
    • Improved logic and timing of queued network requests


  • new 'adaptiveId' that uses Android Advertising ID for attribution if available, otherwise falls back to Android ID and wifi MAC address (if available)
  • fixed a bug with extra EventListener.onAdEnd() notifications


  • fixed Vungle User-Agent for requests to Vungle servers
  • use browser User-Agent for requests to non-Vungle servers
  • prevented video exit buttons from being clicked multiple times
  • fixed ads not playing under certain conditions in singleTask Activity launch mode


  • changes to maintain server-determined order for ads
  • added AdConfig.setImmersiveMode() to enable immersive mode in KitKat+ devices (default is false, which is a change from versions 3.1.1 and prior)
  • added parameter to callback EventListener.onAdEnd(boolean wasCallToActionClicked) to indicate whether the user clicked the call-to-action (usually 'Download') button (breaks backwards compatibility)
  • modified VunglePub.init() to return a boolean indicating whether intialization was successful rather than void
  • added missing callbacks to EventListener.onAdUnavailable() in a few rare circumstances
  • unbundled libraries as separate, required jars: dagger-[version].jar and nineoldandroids-[version].jar
  • added Javadoc for AdConfig


  • added geolocation support in apps with ACCESS_COARSE_LOCATION or ACCESS_FINE_LOCATION permission
  • fixed bug where ads would stop playing until app was restarted
  • fixed bug in reporting streaming ads
  • fixed bug where some ad progress messages were not being sent
  • fixed bug where the ad report of the currently playing ad could be deleted
  • reduced delay between VunglePub.init() and initial ad request from 3 seconds to 2 seconds
  • delete old version 1.x.x cache directory if it exists
  • hid some debug logging messages that were being shown in production mode


  • added support for Android Advertising ID
  • removed references to android.provider.Settings.Secure.ANDROID_ID
  • added AdConfig.setPlacement() for tracking ad performance by placement location
  • added AdConfig.setExtra1-8() for passing developer-defined key-value pairs
  • added 3 second delay between VunglePub.init() and initial ad request to allow for global AdConfig configuration
  • removed deprecated methods AdConfig.setShowClose() and AdConfig.isShowClose() (please confugre these from the Vungle Dashboard)
  • fixed Activity and Fragment recreation if they are destroyed while in the background
  • fixed sound bug with ads starting muted
  • fixed bugs affecting session length calculation
  • added logcat warning messages for missing AndroidManifest.xml permissions and config