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Release Notes

VERSION 6.3.24

  • Android 9 Pie is now supported
  • Lighter SDK with a lower method count and fewer external 3rd party dependencies
  • Programmatic ad performance has been improved to address stability issues
  • Improvements in runtime memory usage by SDK
  • Custom Creative performance improvements

VERSION 6.3.17

  • Updates for improved performance

VERSION 6.3.12

  • Optional placement list during initialization, support for zero auto-cached Placement
  • Removal of Evernote and related transitive dependencies
  • Stability fixes


  • GDPR compliance
  • License update
  • Redesigned SDK to lower method count and SDK size
  • Reduced time needed to initialize and play a cached Ad
  • Deprecated generic callback and introduced API specific callbacks to simplify integration. Please refer Migration section of V6 SDK documentation


  • Sleep code to be enforced at placement level
  • Ability to close Flex-View ads through API and timer
  • Ordinal data reporting
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements


  • Added support for Amazon appstore/platform and Amazon Advertising ID
  • Android Oreo compatibility.
  • Ability to detect and target Apps for ‘Allow unknown sources’ on devices to enable sideload of apk's
  • Bug-fixes for Stability


  • Launched new Placements feature.
  • Added Native Flex View ad unit.
  • Added Moat Viewability technology to provide viewership data on ads.


  • Added support for Android Nougat (Android v7.0)
  • Reporting more device stats to serve better and better ads
  • Upgraded to Dagger 2.7
  • Added wrapper-framework values for admob, dfp, heyzap, mopub
  • Integrated RxJava architecture for ad preparation


  • Fixed the device ID timeout when play-services is not included
  • Migrate to Dagger 2
  • Cleaned up all the Proguard filters that are not required after Dagger 2 migration
  • Fixed a few minor Unity bugs
  • Handling SSL errors better
  • Developers are warned when invalid App ID is used to initialize
  • Added support for interstitial MRAID ads
  • Updated EventListener.onAdEnd() api to include wasSuccessfulView parameter
  • Deprecated EventListener.onVideoView() api
  • Increased min Android API level to 3.0 (Honeycomb - version 11)
  • Removed dependency on support-v4 library and nineoldandroids library


  • Added support for Dagger 2
  • Increased minimum supported Android SDK level from API 9 to API 11
  • Upgraded maximum Google Play Services version to 8.3.0
  • Removed dependencies on support-v4 library and nineoldandroids library
  • Fixed black screen issue with Unity plugin


  • Fixed a bug that might cause a crash on devices with Android 4.2 or lower OS
  • Fixed a bug to resume the video ad upon unlocking the screen on devices with screenlock set to none
  • Persist sleeps across app restarts


  • Added support for Android Marshmallow by simplifying the required app permissions


  • Fixed a bug that might cause ad to crash when returning to foreground


  • Improved event bus performance
  • Added support for remote error reporting
  • Added support for installed app data collection
  • Updated incentivized dialogs to use the default application theme
  • Added link to Vungle's privacy policy in the ad experience
  • Replaced the countdown timer with a progress bar timer
  • Fixed some minor bugs