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Vungle's Android SDK Sample

Getting Started

To get up and running with Vungle, you'll need to Create an Account With Vungle and Add an Application to the Vungle Dashboard

Once you've created an account you can follow our Getting Started for Andriod Guide to complete the integration. Remember to get the Vungle App ID from the Vungle dashboard.


  • Android 3.0 (Honeycomb - API version 11) or later
  • If your application is written in C/C++, you'll need to use JNI to interface with the Publisher SDK written in Java
  • Java 1.7 - For Android 5.+ compatibility purposes, JDK 7 is required on the development system

Release Notes


  • Made cache improvements
  • Implemented a robust Vungle SDK audio policy
  • Removed MAC address tracking
  • Added wrapper-framework support for Fyber, Ironsource, Upsight, Appodeal, Aerserv, Adtoapp
  • Removed the deprecated EventListener.onVideoView() API


  • Added support for Android Nougat (Android v7.0)
  • Reporting more device stats to serve better and better ads
  • Upgraded to Dagger 2.7
  • Added wrapper-framework values for admob, dfp, heyzap, mopub
  • Integrated RxJava architecture for ad preparation


  • Fixed the device ID timeout when play-services is not included
  • Migrate to Dagger 2
  • Cleaned up all the Proguard filters that are not required after Dagger 2 migration
  • Fixed a few minor Unity bugs
  • Handling SSL errors better
  • Developers are warned when invalid App ID is used to initialize
  • Added support for interstitial MRAID ads
  • Updated EventListener.onAdEnd() api to include wasSuccessfulView parameter
  • Deprecated EventListener.onVideoView() api
  • Increased min Android API level to 3.0 (Honeycomb - version 11)
  • Removed dependency on support-v4 library and nineoldandroids library


  • Added support for Dagger 2
  • Increased minimum supported Android SDK level from API 9 to API 11
  • Upgraded maximum Google Play Services version to 8.3.0
  • Removed dependencies on support-v4 library and nineoldandroids library
  • Fixed black screen issue with Unity plugin


The Vungle Android-SDK is available under a commercial license. See the LICENSE file for more info.