An Emoji Pack for Pidgin, originally by Karl Fischer, modified to add translation for Unicode characters into images (based off the iPhone emoji character set).
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Don't know how to install this pack?

Read Pidgin's Smiley Themes documentation

On Windows up through XP, ~ is C:\Documents and Settings\<your username>\ On Windows Vista and above, ~ = C:\Users\<your username>\

If you're reading this on GitHub, I highly suggest you use the download feature and get the .tar.gz or a .zip package, drop it in the necessary smiley directory, and extract it (preserve paths!) there. If you want to clone for usage, and not for Development, I suggest you git clone directly into the necessary smiley directory.

Who made this?

  • The images are under Apple's Copyright.
  • The pack was originally designed as an Adium Xtra by Karl "Kalleboo" Baron
  • The emoji pack was then ported to Pidgin by Karl "kmf" Fischer
  • I, Jason Salaz, took the pack and added in the raw unicode characters as inserted when using the iPhone, making this pack around 19028509484% cooler when messaging with iPhone users. I left the meta-emoticon characters (👦, 👧, etc.) in, so other people can still have a method of entering them directly via any keyboard, and not being forced to enter in a raw unicode code point.


Because I'm a Mobile Zealot. And love Japanese things even though I don't understand the language.

You screwed something up, you're an idiot!

Yeah, it happens. My method of putting this together was far from perfect. COME AT ME BRO, and report the bug. Or, in the true spirit of Open Source, Fork Me and fix it! (Pull Requests welcome!)

Why are you still adding to this README?