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Vyxal is a golfing language that takes the idea that conciseness comes at the cost of practicality and throws it out the window. That's right - where other golflangs throw you into the deep-end of keyboard mashing, Vyxal eases you into the concept of elegantly crafting built-ins into a functioning program.

And yes, this design goal really does warrant adding another golfing language into the already densely populated mix of golflangs. If you go and take a look at the current state of the art of golfing languages, you'll find that 99% of languages are either a) powerful and concise, but not easy to pick up or b) easy to learn, but not that useful for anything non-trivial (I say this as someone who's made and contributed to both kinds of languages). Vyxal aims to bridge the gap between simplicity and "golfability".


You can also use the online interpreter with no need to install!

If you only want to run Vyxal, all you need to run is this:

pip install vyxal

If you are working on Vyxal, install Poetry, and then you can clone this repo and run:

poetry install


To run using the script:

vyxal <file> <flags (single string of flags)> <input(s)>

If you're using Poetry:

poetry run vyxal <file> <flags (single string of flags)> <input(s)>

To run tests, install pytest and simply run pytest tests.

Why Vyxal?

Vyxal is designed to be easy to use coming from practical programming languages like Python and C, and borrows many concepts from those, such as variables, functions, conditionals and loops, comments and more. Despite this, it's also heavily optimised for golfing, with a large library of powerful builtins that can easily be chained to complete the task at hand. For more information, see the tutorial.