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;;; -*- mode: lisp; indent-tabs: nil -*-
(asdf:defsystem #:lisp-cv
:name "lisp-cv"
:author "Joe W. BiMedina <>"
:version "0.1"
:description "Common Lisp bindings to OpenCV."
:depends-on (#:cffi
;Commenting out swank above -> gets rid of - WARNING: Not reloading SWANK. Package already exists. -
;in inferior-lisp at startup - re-add to get live code editing.
:serial t
:components ((:file "package")
(:file "lookup")
(:file "lisp-cv" :depends-on ("package"))
(:file "utils" :depends-on ("package" "lisp-cv"))
(:file "constants" :depends-on ("package" "lisp-cv"))
(:file "types" :depends-on ("package" "lisp-cv"))
(:file "predicates" :depends-on ("package" "lisp-cv" "types"))
(:file "structs" :depends-on ("package" "lisp-cv"))
(:file "vector" :depends-on ("package" "lisp-cv" "types"))
(:file "delete" :depends-on ("package" "lisp-cv" "types"))
(:file "with-macros" :depends-on ("package" "lisp-cv" "delete" "types"))
(:file "core" :depends-on ("package" "lisp-cv" "constants" "types" "vector"))
(:file "imgproc" :depends-on ("package" "lisp-cv" "constants" "types" "core"))
(:file "highgui" :depends-on ("package" "lisp-cv" "constants" "types" "core"))
(:file "video" :depends-on ("package" "lisp-cv" "constants" "types" "core"))
(:file "calib3d" :depends-on ("package" "lisp-cv" "constants" "types" "core"))
(:file "objdetect" :depends-on ("package" "lisp-cv" "constants" "types" "core"))
(:file "ml" :depends-on ("package" "lisp-cv" "constants" "types" "core" "structs" "imgproc"))
(:file "photo" :depends-on ("package" "lisp-cv" "constants" "types" "core"))
(:file "features2d" :depends-on ("package" "lisp-cv" "constants" "types" "core"))
(:file "nonfree" :depends-on ("package" "lisp-cv" "constants" "types" "core"))
(:file "contrib" :depends-on ("package" "lisp-cv" "constants" "types" "core"))
(:file "macros" :depends-on ("package" "lisp-cv" "constants" "types" "delete" "with-macros" "vector" "core"
"imgproc" "highgui" "calib3d" "objdetect" "features2d" "nonfree" "contrib" "utils"
"structs" "ml" "photo"))
(:file "methods" :depends-on ("package" "lisp-cv" "constants" "types" "delete" "with-macros"
"vector" "core" "imgproc" "highgui" "calib3d" "objdetect"
"features2d" "nonfree" "contrib" "utils" "structs" "ml" "photo"))))