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;;;; -*- mode: lisp; indent-tabs: nil -*-
;;;; utils.lisp
;;;; Utility functions and macros(Most borrowed from the)
(in-package :lisp-cv)
;;; package
(defun rename-package-nicknames (package &rest nicknames)
"for Alias short package name from too long package name."
(let ((pkg (package-name (find-package package))))
#-sbcl(rename-package pkg pkg (append nicknames (package-nicknames pkg)))
(let ((lock-p (sb-ext:package-locked-p pkg)))
(when lock-p (sb-ext:unlock-package pkg))
(rename-package pkg pkg (append nicknames (package-nicknames pkg)))
(when lock-p (sb-ext:lock-package pkg))))))
;;; sequence
(defmacro -> (&optional arg &body body)
"(-> (+ 1 2) (* 3) (/ 3)) expand to => (/ (* (+ 1 2) 3) 3)"
(when arg
(if (not body) arg
(let* ((form (mklist (car body)))
(form (append (list (car form) arg) (cdr form))))
(reduce (lambda (x y)
(let ((y (mklist y)))
(append (list (car y) x) (cdr y)))) (append (list form) (cdr body)))))))
(defun mklist (val)
"If val is lisp, then return. but if val is atom, make list from val."
(if (listp val) val (list val)))
(defun partition (lst x)
(labels ((partition-helper (lst acc x)
(cond ((not lst) acc)
((< (length lst) x) (cons lst acc))
(t (partition-helper (subseq lst x) (cons (subseq lst 0 x) acc) x)))))
(reverse (partition-helper lst '() x))))
(defgeneric cat (sequence &rest sequences)
(:documentation "Makes the Common Lisp function CONCATENATE, easier to type and easier to use"))
(defmethod cat ((sequence string) &rest sequences)
(apply #'concatenate 'string sequence sequences))
(defmethod cat ((sequence list) &rest sequences)
(apply #'append sequence sequences))
(defun dup (object &optional (n 2))
(duplicate object n))
(defgeneric duplicate (self n)
(:documentation ""))
(defmethod duplicate (self (n integer))
(if (not (listp self)) (make-list n :initial-element self)
(loop for i from 0 below n
collect (copy-list self))))
(defmethod duplicate ((self function) (n integer))
(loop for i from 0 below n collect (funcall self i)))
(defmethod duplicate ((self function) (n list))
(loop for i in n collect (funcall self i)))
(defmacro do-while ((var form) &body body)
`(do ((,var ,form ,form))
((not ,var))
(defun make-adjustable-string (s)
(make-array (length s)
:fill-pointer (length s)
:adjustable t
:initial-contents s
:element-type (array-element-type s)))
;;; file
(defun full-pathname (path)
"returning absoulte full-pathname of path"
#+ccl (namestring (ccl:full-pathname path))
#-ccl (namestring (get-fullpath path)))
(defun get-fullpath (dir)
(labels ((absolute-dir (dir)
(if (eql (car dir) :absolute) (if (find :home dir)
(pathname-directory (user-homedir-pathname))
(cdr (member :home dir)))
(let* ((default-dir
(pathname-directory (truename ""))))
(when (find :up dir)
(setf dir (cdr dir))
(setf default-dir (butlast default-dir)))
(append default-dir (cdr dir))))))
(make-pathname :directory (absolute-dir (pathname-directory dir)) :name (pathname-name dir) :type (pathname-type dir))))
(defun ensure-trailing-slash (pathname)
"Ensures a trailing forward slash on pathnames."
(when (equal pathname "") (return-from ensure-trailing-slash "/"))
(if (eql (char pathname (1- (length pathname))) #\/)
(cat pathname "/")))
;'Lisp-CV Source Directory
(define-symbol-macro *lisp-cv-src-dir* (full-pathname (asdf::system-source-directory :lisp-cv)))
;;Lisp-CV Images Directory
(define-symbol-macro *lisp-cv-images-dir* (cat *lisp-cv-src-dir* "/images/"))
;;Lisp-CV Data Directory
(define-symbol-macro *lisp-cv-data-dir* (cat *lisp-cv-src-dir* "/data/"))
(defparameter *file-number* 0)
(defun make-pathname-list (&key directory directory-contents)
"Used to create list of pathnames of all files inside a directory.
This function will seach for files in subfolders, up to one deep.
It's designed to supply a pathname list for MAKE-TRAINING-MATRIX."
(let* ((directory-or-file-list (uiop:directory-files directory))
(file-list-of-lists (list))
(temp-list 0)
(pathname-list (list)))
(cond ((not directory-or-file-list)
(error "invalid directory name or directory is empty."))
((not (uiop:directory-pathname-p directory))
(error "error opening ~a:~%No such file or directory.~%Note: supplied pathnames must include a trailing forward slash."
(cat "#P" (write-to-string directory)))))
(cond ((eq directory-contents :directories)
(dotimes (i (length directory-or-file-list))
(if (uiop:directory-pathname-p (nth i directory-or-file-list)) nil
(error "If :DIRECTORIES flag is specified, supplied path may only include directories.")))
(dotimes (i (length directory-or-file-list))
(uiop:directory-files (full-pathname (nth i directory-or-file-list)))
(dotimes (i (length file-list-of-lists))
(setf temp-list (reverse (nth i file-list-of-lists)))
(dotimes (j (length temp-list))
(push (full-pathname (nth j temp-list)) pathname-list)))
((eq directory-contents :files)
(dotimes (i (length directory-or-file-list))
(if (uiop:file-pathname-p (nth i directory-or-file-list)) nil
(error "If :FILES flag is specified, supplied path may only include files.")))
(dotimes (i (length directory-or-file-list))
(push (full-pathname (nth i directory-or-file-list)) pathname-list))
(reverse pathname-list)))))
;;; external-process
(defun run-program (command &key output wait)
#+ccl (ccl:run-program "/bin/sh" (list "-c" command) :output output :wait wait)
#+sbcl (sb-ext:run-program "/bin/sh" (list "-c" command) :output output :wait wait)
#+clisp (ext:run-program "/bin/sh" :arguments (list "-c" command) :output (if (eql output t) :terminal output) :wait wait)
#+abcl (progn
(ext:run-shell-command (format nil "/bin/sh -c \"~a\"" command) :output (if (eql output t) *standard-output* output)))
#+ecl (let ((*standard-output* ext:+process-standard-output+)
(*standard-input* ext:+process-standard-input+)
(*error-output* ext:+process-error-output+))
output wait
(ext:system (format nil "/bin/sh -c \"~a\"" command))))
;;; printing
(defun println (thing &rest things)
"Prints text and objects, spaced, on same line."
(format t "~&~{~a ~}~%" (cons thing things)))
;; Used for matrix printing.
(defmacro print-elements ((var min max) (prefix infix suffix) &body print-it)
(let ((vinter (gensym))
(vmin (gensym))
(vmax (gensym))
(vprefix (gensym))
(vinfix (gensym))
(vsuffix (gensym)))
:with ,vmin = ,min
:with ,vmax = ,max
:with ,vprefix = ,prefix
:with ,vinfix = ,infix
:with ,vsuffix = ,suffix
:with ,vinter = nil
:for ,var :from ,vmin :below ,vmax
:initially (princ ,vprefix)
:finally (princ ,vsuffix)
:do (if ,vinter
(princ ,vinfix)
(setf ,vinter t))
;;; read macro
;;; #! read-macro - clojure style of lambda functions.
(defvar *name-db*)
(defgeneric name-parse (self)
(:documentation "Used to overload the name NAME-PARSE."))
(defmethod name-parse ((self symbol))
(let ((name-string (string-upcase self)))
(if (char= #\% (elt name-string 0))
(let ((number (progn (when (= 1 (length name-string))
(setq name-string (format nil "~a1" name-string)))
(parse-integer (subseq name-string 1)))))
(when (zerop number) (error "in-args number must not 0"))
(let ((sym (assoc number *name-db*)))
(if sym (cdr sym)
(let ((new-symb (cons number (gensym))))
(setf *name-db* (append *name-db* (list new-symb)))
(cdr new-symb)))))
(defmethod name-parse ((self t))
(defun do-parse-from-form (form)
(cond ((null form) nil)
((atom form) (name-parse form))
(t (cons (do-parse-from-form (car form))
(do-parse-from-form (cdr form))))))
(defun fill-in-name-db (db)
(when db
(let ((max-number (reduce #'max db :key #'car)))
(loop for i from 1 to max-number
collect (let ((val (find i db :key #'car)))
(if val val (cons i (gensym))))))))
(set-dispatch-macro-character #\# #\!
(lambda (stream char1 char2)
(declare (ignore char1 char2))
(let ((first-char (read-char stream nil nil)))
(if (char= first-char #\space) (error "bad #\\space")
(unread-char first-char stream)))
(let ((*name-db* nil))
(let ((body-form (do-parse-from-form (read stream nil nil)))
(args (mapcar #'cdr (fill-in-name-db *name-db*))))
`(lambda ,(cat args '(&rest rest))
(declare (ignorable ,@args rest))
;;; sound
;;;Note: Must install "espeak" with "sudo apt-get install espeak" to use the SPEAK function.
(defun speak (s)
(run-program (concatenate 'string "espeak '" (write-to-string s :escape nil) "'")))
(defun s (s)
(run-program (concatenate 'string "espeak '" (write-to-string s :escape nil) "'")))