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;;;; -*- mode: lisp; indent-tabs: nil -*-
;;;; video.lisp
;;;; OpenCV bindings
;;;; Video Analysis
(in-package :lisp-cv)
;;; Motion Analysis and Object Tracking
;; void calcOpticalFlowPyrLK(InputArray prevImg, InputArray nextImg, InputArray prevPts, InputOutputArray nextPts,
;; OutputArray status, OutputArray err, Size winSize=Size(21,21), int maxLevel=3,
;; TermCriteria criteria=TermCriteria(TermCriteria::COUNT+TermCriteria::EPS, 30, 0.01),
;; int flags=0, double minEigThreshold=1e-4 )
;; void cv_calcOpticalFlowPyrLK(Mat* prevImg, Mat* nextImg, Mat* prevPts, Mat* nextPts, Mat* status, Mat* err, Size* winSize,
;; int maxLevel, TermCriteria* criteria, int flags, double minEigThreshold)
(defcfun ("cv_calcOpticalFlowPyrLK" %calc-optical-flow-pyr-lk) :void
(prev-img mat)
(next-img mat)
(prev-pts mat)
(next-pts mat)
(status mat)
(err mat)
(win-size size)
(max-level :int)
(criteria term-criteria)
(flags :int)
(min-eigen-threshold :double))
(defun calc-optical-flow-pyr-lk (prev-img next-img prev-pts next-pts status err &optional (win-size (size-2 21 21) given-win-size) (max-level 3) (criteria (term-criteria-3 (+ +term-criteria-count+ +term-criteria-eps+) 30 0.01d0) given-criteria) (flags 0)
(min-eigen-threshold 1.d-4))
(%calc-optical-flow-pyr-lk prev-img next-img prev-pts next-pts status err win-size max-level criteria flags
(if given-win-size nil (del-size win-size))
(if given-criteria nil (del-term-crit criteria)))