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Programmatic maze generator and solver, built with Swift 3. Apple's WWDC17 scholarship winner.
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Super Maze.playground

Super Maze

Super Maze is a programmatic maze generator and solver, built with Swift 3.

The intent of this playground is to demonstrate how to create a virtually unlimited amount of tile-based maps, each one different from the other: you control a red ball, and your aim is to complete the maze as fast as possible... tilting the device.


Super Maze represents my scholarship application for Apple's WWDC17: I started working on it on March, 22nd and submitted the project on April, 1st.

It's built using SpriteKit, while the ball movements are handled via accelerometer data received from CoreMotion.

Technical Informations

Mazes are represented by a bi-dimensional matrix, which contains informations about the nodes of the map.

The algorithm used to carve the labirinth is a simple "Depth-first" search, with recursive backtracking.

While this ensures the correctness of the level, it does not provide any informations about its difficulty: that's why this project makes use of a Swift implementation of the A* search algorithm.

You can find more informations about how this works, in the main page of the playground.

Maze Generation


Maze Solving


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