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A blog for designers and developer, built with Gatsby and Netlfiy CMS. Live demo
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Netlify Status

Delog - Blog for Developer and Designer

This simple website built with GatsbyJS and Netlify CMS. Deploys on netlify with single click. This Starter is sponsered by W3Layouts.

Delog - Gatsby Starter Demo

Deploy to Netlify

  • Once you hit "Deploy to Netlify"
  • Connect Github
  • Enter Repository Name
  • And your site starts build process. After the build process your website is live

Changing repositary URL for Netlify CMS access

You need to change repo URL to your own repo at delog/static/admin/config.yml, for example username/repo-name

Creating Github OAuth Client ID

  • Goto Github Developer Settings
  • New OAuth
  • Enter Application name
  • Homepage URL as Netlify URL
  • And Authorization callback URL to
  • Once Client ID and Secret token is generated configure same in Netlify Access Control as described.

Accessing Netlify CMS Admin

  • Goto your Netlify site admin
  • Goto Access Control > OAuth then Install Provider you need to select provider as Github as add Client ID and Secret
  • Your Netlify CMS is ready. Goto you netlify site URL and append /admin/. for example, You will see login with Github button.

Managing Blog Posts in Netlify CMS

  • Once logged in you will find all the blog post listed here.
  • You can create, edit, update and delete like any CMS

Editing Meta Data

Goto gatsby-config.js. Here you can edit following details

  • Title
  • Description
  • Site URL
  • Homepage Title
  • Homepage Description
  • W3Layouts Contact form domain verification key
  • and google analytics tracking id

I hope you build a great website with Delog. If you like it please spread the word, Feel free to contribute and raise a pull request :)

For issues,feedback on enhancement or sharing your new awesome website built with delog. Create New Issue Here

Upcoming Features Roadmap

  • Pagination for Blog
  • Socail Icons
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