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Cinder block that has no dependancies for simple SHA1 hashing
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Cinder block, that has no dependancies, for simple SHA1 hashing.


  • add exception throwing on any errors (especially when trying to checksum non existing file)

Cinder comes with Boost which has boost::uuids::detail::sha1 in boost/uuid/sha1.hpp and of course it works, but we find this small helper class more attractive for quick checksumming files downloaded from interwebs.


fs::path pathToFile = getAssetPath("file.ext");

SHA1 mySha1;
string checkSum;
checkSum = mySha1.from_file( pathToFile.string() );
cinder::app::console() << "file checksum: " << checkSum << endl;


Found randomly in interwebs, located in pushover repo. All credit goes to as stated below.

SHA-1 in C++

100% Public Domain.

Original C Code
    -- Steve Reid <>
Small changes to fit into bglibs
    -- Bruce Guenter <>
Translation to simpler C++ Code
    -- Volker Grabsch <>
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