Demos some of the features of the angular-rtcomm framework.
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Sample App for angular-rtcomm

This is a sample project that showcases some of the features of the angular-rtcomm framework.

To use this sample you'll need to install Node.js.

To Run

Clone the sample.

git clone

Change directory, install dependencies and run.

cd sample.angular-rtcomm
npm install
npm start

Access the app at http://localhost:3000. Open multiple tabs and start video chatting!


The sample comes with a built in test to verify the functionality. If you want to run the test:

  1. Start up the app :npm start
  2. Open a separate tab and run the test script:npm test

By default it will use chrome to run the tests, if you want to run the tests in firefox define the environment variable:

BROWSER=firefox npm test

Deploy To Bluemix

If you're looking to use the sample on a live server, you can easily deploy it to Bluemix:

Deploy to Bluemix