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Sample Liberty User Feature showing how to provide an OSGi Service (the httpservice) to an OSGi application.
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This sample project combines the Equinox httpService with OSGi Applications on the WebSphere Liberty profile.

This readme file focusses on how to install and test the sample. Please see for a broader overview of the sample and its purpose.

The project comprises a user feature and two OSGi applications. The user feature provides the HttpService. Of the two OSGi Applications, one registers itself with the HttpService; the other is detected and registered by the user feature.

Installation This section covers:

  • Getting the projects into Eclipse
  • Getting them to compile cleanly by downloading some missing bundles
  • Testing the application on a WebSphere Liberty profile.

Getting the projects into Eclipse. You will need:

  1. Create a WebSphere Liberty Profile runtime.
  2. Install the WebSphere Application Server Developer Tools ("WDT") into Eclipse:
  3. Window > Preferences > Server > Runtime Environments > Add > WebSphere Application Server V8.5 Liberty Profile. Download a new runtime or reuse an existing one. Mine is called the default 'WebSphere Application Server V8.5 Liberty Profile'.

  4. Add a new server

  5. Create a new server: New > Server > WebSphere Application Server V8.5 Liberty Profile

  6. Download the following bundles:

  7. Load them into Eclipse: File > Import > OSGi Bundle or Fragment. Take the defaults, including the use of Liberty as the target runtime.

  8. git clone File > Import > Existing projects into workspace. Pull in:

    • httpService-1.0 - user feature
    • httpServiceWab - bundle contained by the user feature. http requests go through here.
    • redWeb - application bundle
    • - OSGi Applcation
    • greenWeb - second application bundle
    • - second OSGi Application
  9. Set up your Target Platform: Windows > Preferences > Plug-in Development > Target Platform, and select WebSphere Application Server V8.5 Liberty Profile with SPI.

  10. Set up your server. I've not worked out how to check a server.xml into GitHub in a way that makes it easy to pull out. So, edit your server.xml and add the following features: wab-1.0 usr:httpService-1.0

    Also add this stanza:

       <webContainer deferServletLoad="false"/>
  11. Install the user feature: Right click on httpService-1.0 in Enterprise Explorer and then click "Install Feature".

  12. Install the first application: right click > Run as > run on server

  13. Start the server

  14. Test the application! Visit http://localhost:9080/httpService/red

    Web browser displays, 'Hello World from RedServlet'

  15. Test the second application! Vitit http://localhost:9080/httpService/greenWeb

    Web browser displays, 'Hello World from GreenServlet'

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