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* Way Better Content Editing.
* Visit to learn more and to join the community.
* @copyright Ryan Djurovich (2004-2009)
* @copyright WebsiteBaker Org. e.V. (2009-2015)
* @copyright WBCE Project (2015-)
* @license GNU GPL2 (or any later version)
// set WBCE version and release tag
define('NEW_WBCE_VERSION', '1.5.0'); // NEW_WBCE_VERSION
define('NEW_WBCE_TAG', '1.5.0'); // NEW_WBCE_TAG
defined('WBCE_TAG') or define('WBCE_TAG', NEW_WBCE_TAG); // WBCE_TAG
// Legacy: WB-classic
defined('VERSION') or define('VERSION', '2.8.3'); // VERSION
defined('REVISION') or define('REVISION', '1641'); // REVISION
defined('SP') or define('SP', 'SP4'); // SP
// WBCE Semantic Versioning
// WBCE uses Semantic Versioning ( called SemVer in the following text.
// For core development using SemVer is mandatory for modules development this is recommended.
// Specification and Options
* We use Option 9 (Denoting of pre-release versions)
* Valid pre-release versions are : "alpha", "beta" and "rc" The order those steps is mandatory but you are allowed to ignore one or more steps. For example if you have a bugfix release with only on change you may go to stable instantly.
* pre-release versions always start with version .1 (z.B. 1.0.0-alpha.1 , 1.0.0-beta.1)
// Recommendations
* The function version_compare() from PHP fully supports this versioning scheme, so we recommend using this function.
// Example
* Recent version: 1.4.3
* New release is Version: 1.4.4-alpha.1
* Now the release goes through several test phases:
* 1.4.4-alpha.2, 1.4.4-alpha.3, 1.4.4-beta.1, 1.4.4-rc.1, 1.4.4-rc.2
* After all it becomes a stable release: 1.4.4