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1.05 5 Nov 2009 Fixed bug where 'false' but valid content was being ignored,
eg "<i>0</i>" became "<i></i>"
See bug
Thanks to Jim Laney for reporting it
1.04 16 Nov 2007 Fixed bug where mailto links not working when
AllowHref enabled. (Thanks to Menno Blom - 'b10m').
1.03 22 Oct 2007 Altered some syntax in a test to make it work in earlier
versions of Perl
1.02 22 Oct 2007 Added the examples into the POD
1.01 22 Oct 2007 Fixed the attribute regex to recognise attributes
with hyphens eg 'http-equiv'
Added examples
1.00 5 Jun 2007 Passed all CPAN tests - bumped version
0.991 29 May 2007 Fixed some Kwalitee issues:
- improved META.yml
- added Test::Pod and Test::Pod::Coverage tests
0.99 28 May 2007 BanList can now be an array ref or a hash ref
Repeated attributes are no longer merged, instead
the second value replaces the first
Relative URLs can now include query strings
Attributes now have CR, LF or TAB replaced by a space
- Rules (for customised tag and attribute handling)
- EscapeFiltered
- AllowMailto
- numerous tests
0.03 27 Apr 2004 Added the AllowRelURL option, in response to RT #6123
0.02 25 Jul 2003 Fixed some spelling errors.
Added a reference to HTML::Scrubber::StripScripts.
0.01 30 Mar 2003 Initial release.