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Angular Mongoose Subtitles

Original Subtitle project:

Today we're converting an old project to use Angular and Mongoose. The site displays a short clip of a video and renders subtitles in front of the video. The old site always showed subtitles as defined in a JavaScript file.

We're going to update the site so users can edit the subtitles to say whatever they want, and allow users to save their changes to a database. Our final site will have a homepage where it lists all the subtitle variations available and users can click which one they want to view with the video.

At a high level here's the pages our website will have:

  • homepage - displays a list of all subtitle variations.
  • watch page - a page that plays the video with one subtitle variation.
  • edit page - a page that allows users to edit a subtitle variation.

The homepage should include an option to create a new subtitle variation. Users should have the option to choose whether they want to create subtitles from a blank template, or copy another subtitle variation to use as a starting point.

Angular is an effective choice for our front end work because we'll be able to easily display a list of all the current subtitles, allow users to change subtitles inline and instantly see the effect of their change.

Mongoose is an effective choice for a database because we'll be able to easily store our complex subtitle JSON objects without putting too much effort into a database design.

Good luck! Have fun.

Reading Current Video Time Inside Angular

Angular and the video element may not play nicely together naturally. You'll probably need to use vanilla JavaScript to obtain a reference to the video element inside a controller, then use Angular's $interval service to constantly read the time.

Don't use jQuery!


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