Ruby on Rails build of D3 map application using a geoJSON api
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#Introduction RiotsOnRailsApp is a web application to document large scale racial tensions since 1950. The application uses Ruby on Rails, Javascript and D3 Visualizations to display the maginitude of each event. The size of each bubble corresponds to the number of documented arrests during each event. A data container displays a summary of the event.

After signing up, users are encouraged to add their own event to display on RiotsOnRails. We hope users can add events which were not documented or covered by the media. ##Features

  • geoJSON data rendered with D3.js using U.S. map information
  • Event-triggered visualization interactions
  • CRUD action with scoped queries

##Employed Technologies

  • Ruby is a dynamic, reflective, object-oriented, general-purpose programming language. It was designed and developed in the mid-1990s by Yukihiro "Matz" Matsumoto in Japan. According to its authors, Ruby was influenced by Perl, Smalltalk, Eiffel, Ada, and Lisp.

  • Ruby on Rails® is an open-source web framework that’s optimized for programmer happiness and sustainable productivity. It lets you write beautiful code by favoring convention over configuration.

  • HTML5 is the latest evolution of the standard that defines HTML. The term represents two different concepts: It is a new version of the language HTML, with new elements, attributes, and behaviors, and a larger set of technologies that allows more diverse and powerful Web sites and applications. This set is sometimes called HTML5 & friends and often shortened to just HTML5.

  • CSS3 is the latest evolution of the Cascading Style Sheets language and aims at extending CSS2.1. It brings a lot of long awaited novelties, like rounded corners, shadows, gradients, transitions or animations, as well as new layouts like multi columns, flexible box or grid layouts.

  • Materialize is a modern responsive front-end framework based on Material Design. Created and designed by Google, Material Design is a design language that combines the classic principles of successful design along with innovation and technology. Google's goal is to develop a system of design that allows for a unified user experience across all their products on any platform.

  • JavaScript® (often shortened to JS) is a lightweight, interpreted, object-oriented language with first-class functions, most known as the scripting language for Web pages, but used in many non-browser environments as well. It is a prototype-based, multi paradigm scripting language that is dynamic, and supports object-oriented, imperative, and functional programming styles.

  • D3.js is a JavaScript library for manipulating documents based on data. D3 helps you bring data to life using HTML, SVG, and CSS. D3 emphasizes web standards and combines powerful visualization components with a data-driven approach to DOM manipulation, giving you the full capabilities of modern browsers without tying yourself to a proprietary framework.

  • Heroku is a cloud platform as a service (PaaS) supporting several programming languages. Heroku, one of the first cloud platforms, has been in development since June 2007, when it supported only the Ruby programming language, but has since added support for Java, Node.js, Scala, Clojure, Python and PHP and Perl. The base operating system is Debian or, in the newest stack, the Debian-based Ubuntu.

  • GeoJSON is a format for encoding a variety of geographic data structures. GeoJSON supports the following geometry types: Point, LineString, Polygon, MultiPoint, MultiLineString, and MultiPolygon. Lists of geometries are represented by a GeometryCollection. Geometries with additional properties are Feature objects. And lists of features are represented by a FeatureCollection.

  • Devise is a flexible authentication solution for Rails based on Warden. It is Rack based, a complete MVC solution based on Rails engines and allows you to have multiple models signed in at the same time.