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+ title: "Faster than C? Parsing Node.js Streams!",
+ abstract: "In 2010 I wrote the first MySQL driver for node.js. I did it in pure JavaScript. It was fast. It was fun.\n\nA few month later, node addons using libmysql showed up in npm. They were much faster. It sucked.\n\nIn 2012 I had enough and went back to to the drawing board resulting in a much faster parser.\n\nThis talk will introduce you to the art of high performance binary stream parsing in node.js.",
+ speaker : {
+ name: "Felix Geisendörfer",
+ bio: "Felix Geisendörfer is a node.js core developer and has experienced it's strength and shortcomings first-hand while building When not event-looping, he loves going street unicycling and watching squirrels.",
+ twitter: "felixge",
+ blog: "",
+ photo: "",
+ slideshare: "",
+ country: "Germany"
+ }

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