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+ title: " How to Build and Deliver a Complete Commercial Node.js Project",
+ abstract: "A detailed look at using Node.js for real projects to earn real money. The Sunday Business Post is Ireland's major business newspaper, and was relaunched as a subscription service running on the web, tablet and mobile, and also as native iPhone and iPad apps. The system is entirely built as a single page web app, using JavaScript top-to-bottom. Node.js is used to provide all the server-side functionality via a common web service API, as well as to integrate with many third party services, including a CMS, e-commerce gateways, social media networks, and a range of service providers. The system is designed as a set of Node.js processes that perform specific functions. Node.js has enabled the system to have extremely high fault tolerance (I will cover some war stories!) and deliver 99.8% uptime over 12 months. This talk will focus on the overall architecture, the design patterns used, the development process followed, and conclude with a series of Lessons Learned.",
+ speaker : {
+ name: "Richard Rodger",
+ bio: "I am the co-founder of, a bespoke Node.js software firm, and the author of Mobile Application Development in the Cloud (Wiley 2011), one of the first books to cover Node.js and HTML5 mobile apps. I teach a master's course at Waterford Institute of Technology on Node.js. I am the maintainer of the simpledb, parambulator, gex, and seneca Node.js modules.",
+ twitter: "@rjrodger",
+ blog: "",
+ photo: "",
+ slideshare: "",
+ country: "Ireland"
+ }

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