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Refer to WEC-Sim documentation for more information.

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WEC-Sim Repository

Refer to the WEC-Sim Applications repository for more applications of WEC-Sim.

Source Code Management

A stable version of WEC-Sim is maintained on WEC-Sim's master branch, and WEC-Sim releases are tagged on GitHub. WEC-Sim development is performed on WEC-Sim's dev branch using a forking workflow. New WEC-Sim features are developed on forks of the WEC-Sim repository, and pull-requests are submitted to merge new features from a development fork into the main WEC-Sim repository. Pull requests for new WEC-Sim features should be submitted to the WEC-Sim dev branch. The only exception to this workflow is for bug fixes; pull requests for bug fixes should be should submitted to the WEC-Sim master branch. When a new version of WEC-Sim is released, the dev branch becomes the master branch, and all updates are included in the tagged release.