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WEEE-Open Telegram bot.

The goal of this bot is to obtain information about who is currently in the lab,
who has done what, compute some stats and, in general, simplify the life of our members...
And to avoid waste of paper as well.

Data comes from

  • a weeelab log file, which is fetched from a NextCloud shared folder.
  • the tarallo inventory management system
  • a LDAP server

Installation is the main script, and it requires a lot of enviroment variables. A lot. Some of them:

  • OC_URL: Url of the owncloud server
  • OC_USER: OwnCloud username
  • OC_PWD: OwnCloud password
  • TOKEN_BOT: Telegram token for the bot API
  • LOG_PATH: Path of the file to read in owncloud (/folder/file.txt)
  • USER_BOTH_PATH: Path of the file to store bot users in OwnCloud (/folder/file.txt)
  • USER_PATH: Path of the file with authorized users in OwnCloud (/folder/file.json)

see for the others

Command syntax

/start the bot and type /[COMMAND] [OPTION].

Available commands and options:

  • /inlab - Show the people in lab
  • /log - Show log of the day
  • /log n - Show last n days worth of logs
  • /log all - Show last 31 days worth of logs
  • /ring - Ring the bell
  • /stat - Show hours you've spent in lab
  • /history item - Show history for an item, straight outta T.A.R.A.L.L.O.
  • /history item n - Show n history entries

Only for admin users

  • /stat name.surname - Show hours spent in lab by this user
  • /top - Show a list of top users by hours spent this month
  • /top all - Show a list of top users by hours spent


Telegram bot for querying the weeelab log and some additional cool stuff.




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