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Warframe Items

Supported by Warframe Community Developers

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Fetches all items available on Warframe's mobile API endpoints while also adding images, drop rates, patch logs and related rivens.

The aim of this library is to create a complete collection of data for every item in Warframe based on the game's own data. This repo will be automatically updated on every new release, drop rate change or image change.

Why use this instead of any other scraper?

Because this gives you literally every item in Warframe, many of which can't even be found on the wikia. We also make sure to include every other data aspect that you could possibly need. To give you some idea:

  • Unique ingame name - (/Lotus/Weapons/Tenno/...) - Especially useful when working with worldState
  • Drop rates
  • Patchlogs for each item
  • Minified source images
  • Rivens
  • Whether items are tradable

And tons more item specific data. Check out /data/json to get an idea.


npm install warframe-items


// CommonJS
const Items = require('warframe-items');
const items = new Items(options, ...oldItems);

// ESM
import Items from 'warframe-items';
const items = new Items(options, ...oldItems);

// Utilities - Only works in import
import { find, colors } from 'warframe-items/utilities';
const excalPrime = find.findItem('/Lotus/Powersuits/Excalibur/ExcaliburPrime');
// normal items operations now

In this example, items is an Array with all items. The ...oldItems param allows you to add your own items before our gathered ones.


Option Default Description
category ['All'] Array of item categories to retrieve. Parallel to file names in /data/json. Useful if you don't wanna load lots and lots of MB of data into memory.
Categories Description
All All categories in one file
Arcanes Operator, Zaw, and some Warframe Arcanes
Archwing Archwings.... nuff said
Arch-Gun Archwing Guns
Arch-Melee Archwing Melee weapons
Enemy NPCs
Fish Fish that you fish
Gear Things you equip in your gear wheel
Glyphs Glyphs from partners, etc.
Melee Melee weapons
Misc Uncategorized items
Mods Modifications for weapons, warframes, archwings, etc.
Node Mission nodes
Pets Companions, just the beasts
Primary Primary slot weapons
Quests Quests that you adventure on
Relics Things you get prime parts from
Resources For building stuff
Secondary Secondary slot weapons
Sentinels Mechanical companions
SentinelWeapons Specialized weapons for sentinels
Sigils Chest & back art
Skins Henna for your frame
Warframes Warframes...

Pre-compiled data

You can find all automatically compiled data in /data/json. Images are stored in /data/img. You can find every item's image name stored in item.imageName.

Image links

Since there are so many images, and we can't publish them on npm due to the size, we've set up a CDN to get you images at${item.imageName} that provides a linkable resource for you.

For Developers

We're always happy to see contributions to this project, so here's some basic setup information to get you started.


  • Node.js > 10
  • Lua > 5
  • Build Tools (build-essentials on linux should be enough, on windows run npm i -g windows-build-tools)
  • libpng-dev12 (linux only)

File structure

All relevant scripts are found in /build/ with

The entrypoint for the build script. Here we also save JSON, image and cache data.

Fetches all external data and returns it to the parser.

Parses the external data to match our schema and returns it to the build script.

Usage and Testing

You can run the build script with npm run build. Once built, you can verify the data with npm test. To verify the TypeScript typings are up to date, you can run npm run typings.

In case you want to skip hash checking in the build process run: npm run build -- --force or npm run build -- -f. It's also possible to set the environment variable FORCE='true'.