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Supported by Warframe Community Developers

All warframe patchlogs parsed to more usable JSON. Also lets you find all patchlogs for a specific item. This package has primarily been built for warframe-items, so opinionated decisions are based on the needs of that repository. If you're looking for patchlogs on all items, you can find pre-compiled files there too.


npm install warframe-patchlogs


const patchlogs = require('warframe-patchlogs')

// Have your terminal flooded with patch notes.
for (let post of patchlogs.posts) {

// Get all logs for Ash Prime (returns an array of logs)
patchlogs.getItemChanges({ name: 'Ash Prime', type: 'Warframe' })

Log Format

Log objects inside patchlogs.posts look like this:

  name: 'Beasts of the Sanctuary: Hotfix 22.20.6',
  url: '',
  date: '2018-05-24T22:00:50Z',
  imgUrl: '',
  description: 'The Orokin Decoration costs/refunds mentioned in Hotfix 22.20.3 are close to being complete. The plan is to cut the Orokin Decoration Oxium costs in half and refund the excess back to the Clan Vault. We are also removing the Orokin Cell costs on the respective Orokin Decorations and refunding those to the Clan Vault as well. Already completed Decorations will not be destroyed when these changes go live. Stay tuned!',
  additions: '',
  changes: '',
  fixes: 'Fixed the game submitting certain types of bug reports immediately instead of saving them for after you quit.\nDisabled some cache-corruption checks that were triggering and preventing updates; we will work on making these automatically repair the cache instead.\nFixed inability to deploy Extractors using Navigation at a Relay.\nFixed a variety of bugs caused by using Transference while going through Sanctuary Onslaught Conduit (namely not being able to do anything or use Transference while controlling Operator).\nFixed Dojo Pigment ‘Contribute’ button being automatically selected when the contribute screen appears when using a controller.\nFixed no on-screen keyboard appearing when changing Dojo room message when using a controller. \nFixed script error when displaying mission countdown in Ukrainian.\nFixed a script error related to Articulas.',
  type: 'Hotfix'




📃 All warframe patchlogs parsed to more usable JSON. Also lets you find all patchlogs for a specific item.




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