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Warframe Worldstate Data

Supported by the Warframe Community Developers

A repository of Warframe data for use with warframe-worldstate-parser

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Published version:

npm i -S warframe-worldstate-data@latest

Recommended version:

npm i -S git://


const worldstateData = require('warframe-worldstate-data');
const nodes = worldstateData.solNodes;

const erpo = nodes['SolNode903'];
const {enemy, value, type} = erpo;

Available data and formatting

JSON Data Accessor Description
conclaveData.json conclave Stores conclave data for modes and categories
eventsData.json events Stores event strings. May be deprecated when languages.json is more complete.
factionsData.json factions Stores faction strings for identifying each faction
fissureModifiers.json fissureModifiers Fissure tier assignments corresponding to era names
languages.json languages General string storage for converting worldstate strings to display strings
missionTypes.json missionTypes Types of missions, ex.: MT_EXCAVATE corresponds to Excavation
operationTypes.json operationTypes Operation string conversions for global modifiers
persistentEnemyData.json persistentEnemy Persistent enemy data mappings. Currently only acolytes.
solNodes.json solNodes Data for each node in the solar system. Currently includes node name, base enemy type, and base mission type
syndicateData.json syndicates Mappings for worldstate syndicate names to displayable syndicate names.
upgradeTypes.json upgradeTypes Upgrade types for global modifiers.