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Innovation Card: GobySoft Progressive Imagery Payload


This payload is a hybrid hardware/software rapid prototyping effort as a collaboration between GobySoft and the WHOI Innovation Project for use on a variety of mooring and AUV systems. The hardware is designed from low-cost IoT components and built using Gumstix's Geppetto service, and runs a Raspberry Pi Compute Compute module and various communications interfaces.

This payload was deployed in the Imaging Flow CytoBot (IFCB) with software that is a blend of open source projects to demonstrate progressive image transmission over slow links: the Goby3 middleware from GobySoft, the Progressive Imagery code from WHOI NDSF, and cgsn-mooring software from WHOI OOI. This software suite allows online transmission of IFCB images with improving quality as more network throughput is available. In addition, we have a placeholder for classification using future advanced techniques such as machine learning algorithms.

Services Provided

  • Progressive transmission over slow links of visual imagery. The operator receives a progressively enhance image as more data are available shore side:
    • Example of single progressive image (on loop):
    • Prototype user interface for multiple images:
  • Stub for classification of images
    • Only images exceeding a certain size and of a defined aspect ratio are transmitted.
    • This stub wip_comms_classifier could be expanded to take advantage of machine learning techniques.



  • Payload PCB designed to be integrated and mounted in pressure housing.
  • Raspberry Pi Compute Module 3 (CM3) uses standard SO-DIMM RAM physical connector to attach to Payload board
  • USB connectors use standard ATX motherboard 9-pin dual USB headers


  • Power connector is 1.7mm ID, 4.0mm OD barrel plug
  • Nominal Power (under benchtest load for 2018 Scripps IFCB deployment)
    • Voltage: 5V
    • Power: 2.5W
  • Under Load Power (using stress -c 4 CPU stress test)
    • Voltage: 5V
    • Power: 5W

Software / Communications

IFCB Deployment Software Structure Diagram




  • Demo Software:
    • Description: wip-comms-demo:* Libraries and Goby3 Applications for this demonstration
    • Owner: WHOI Innovation Project
    • Source code
    • Documentation
  • Communications Middleware:
  • Comms Compression Software:
  • Image Delivery Software:
    • Description: Progressive Imagery library and ROS/Goby3 applications
      • Owner: WHOI NDSF
      • License: Not currently open source; hopefully in the near future.
  • Platform Control Software:
  • Instrument/Sensor Software:
    • Description: pyifcb - Imaging FlowCytobot Python API, generation 2
    • Description: wip-comms-ifcb-imagedb: Writes IFCB images and minimal metadata to a PostgreSQL database in ppm format
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