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Information Retrieval Group, Wuhan University, China

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  1. CARP Public

    The implementation of “A Capsule Network for Recommendation and Explaining What You Like and Dislike”, Chenliang Li, Cong Quan, Li Peng, Yunwei Qi, Yuming Deng, Libing Wu,…

    Python 51 19

  2. PPVAE Public

    The official Keras implementation of ACL 2020 paper "Pre-train and Plug-in: Flexible Conditional Text Generation with Variational Auto-Encoders".

    Jupyter Notebook 46 6

  3. MATINF Public

    The dataset and PyTorch Implementation for ACL 2020 paper "MATINF: A Jointly Labeled Large-Scale Dataset for Classification, Question Answering and Summarization".

    Python 39 8

  4. DAZER Public

    The Tensorflow implementation of accepted ACL 2018 paper "A deep relevance model for zero-shot document filtering", Chenliang Li, Wei Zhou, Feng Ji, Yu Duan, Haiqing Chen,…

    Python 33 13

  5. RAGE Public

    The Tensorflow implementation of "Review-driven Answer Generation for Product-related Questions in E-commerce ", WSDM 2019.

    Python 23 4

  6. CARL Public

    The implementation of “A Context-Aware User-Item Representation Learning for Item Recommendation”, Libing Wu, Cong Quan, Chenliang Li, Qian Wang, Bolong Zheng, Xiangyang Luo,…

    Python 23 9



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