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Awesome #Tech4Wildlife


Curating the best conservation technology projects from the WILDLABS community on GitHub. Find out more here.

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  • Open Acoustic Devices: The team responsible for the creation of the AudioMoth and all its supporting software.
  • Arribada Initative:
    • Arribada PS-C water-proof IoT turtle cameras and tags, used to track the movement and capture video on nesting green sea turtles with embedded communication via LoraWAN when on surface.
    • AAMP Arribada Arboreal Monitoring Platform , camera based monitoring platform with WiFi connactivity and solar power for remote area deployment that was deployed in Manu, Peru in tropical rainforest.
    • APMP Arribada Penguin Monitoring Platform - rugged solar-powered camera unit for deployment on Antarctica, providing year-round periodic snapshots of the surrounding area, monitoring annual penguin migration and nesting and exposing global warming effects and changes to the environment.
    • AFMP Arribada Fresh Monitoring Platform - solar-powered standalone water level monitoring and camera device for remote areas with satellite and LoraWAN connectivity.
    • Collaborators: IRNAS
  • Conservify: Open source software and hardware from the Conservify conservation technology lab
  • Opensoundscape from Kitzes Lab. University of Pittsburgh: Open source, scalable acoustic classification for ecology and conservation)
  • Baby UAV - Baby AUV is a low cost, open source micro AUV (autonomous underwater vehicle) intended for environmental monitoring applications. Currently it has completed basic manoeuvring and navigation tasks, and the payload sensors (CTD) is functioning.
  • Camelot: Camelot is an open-source, web-based tool to help wildlife conservationists with camera trapping. Camera Trap software for data management and analysis. Designed for researchers and conservationists.
  • Darwin Core guidelines for biologging data




To the extent possible under law, WILDLABS has waived all copyright and related or neighboring rights to this work.

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