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WISDEM FLORISSE 'release version'

This version is intended to provide a ''lean'' version of the WISDEM FLORISSE model, based on the OpenMDAO model structure. We will be adding more features and examples in the near future.

-- Installation / requirements --

This release version of WISDEM FLORIS-SE requires OpenMDAO 0.13 to be installed. OpenMDAO 0.13 can be downloaded at: This version of FLORISSE is not compatible with earlier or later versions of OpenMDAO.

-- Example scripts --

The example script gives an example of a FLORIS-SE run with some default parameter settings, and compares the result to the SOWFA power results as obtained in the paper:

P. Fleming, P. Gebraad, S. Lee, J.W. van Wingerden, K. Johnson, M. Churchfield, J. Michalakes, P. Spalart, and P. Moriarty.Simulation comparison of wake mitigation control strategies for a two-turbine case. Wind Energy, 2014.

In addition to Python packages already required by OpenMDAO (Numpy, Scipy, Matplotlib) this example requires the Pickle package.

-- More information on the model --

Relevant papers on the FLORIS model are:

P.M.O. Gebraad, F.W. Teeuwisse, J.W. van Wingerden, P.A. Fleming, S.D. Ruben, J.R. Marden, and L.Y. Pao. "Wind plant power optimization through yaw control using a parametric model for wake effects - a CFD simulation study." Wind Energy, 2014.

.. which gives a description of the model and its parameters.

Pieter M.O. Gebraad, Jared J. Thomas, Andrew Ning, Paul A. Fleming, and Katherine Dykes. "Maximization of the annual energy production of wind power plants by optimization of layout and yaw-based wake control" Pre-publication

.. which gives a description of the rotor coupling included in this version of FLORISSE.