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Welcome to the WISE-Translate project!

This is a community project for translating the WISE interface and WISE projects.

1. Translator (T) creates account on GitHub.
2. T downloads WISE Translation Kit (WTK).
3. T clones (if new) or pulls (if updating) latest WISE Translation project into his/her own repository.
4. T opens up WTK, loads in initial files, uses WTK to translate. Translations are saved in the browser using HTML5 localstorage.
5. When finished with the translation, T clicks on "Export translation File" button, which brings up a dialog with the contents of translated file.
6. T copies&pastes the contents of the translated file and pastes it back into his repository (using "edit this file" in GitHub).
7. T makes pull request.
8. WISE-Translate admin will get the pull request and update the latest copy of translated file in the WISE-Translate project.

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