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@hirokiterashima hirokiterashima released this Nov 7, 2017 · 4247 commits to develop since this release

Major changes

  1. Classroom Monitor:
    1. Implemented the Match component export. #966
    2. Reduced the number of component states shown when viewing revisions of student work for a component. We now only show submits and the last save or auto-save in a step visit, so as not to overwhelm teachers with minor, incremental changes. #959

Minor changes

  1. Authoring Tool:

    1. Made an improvement to reduce the possibility of authors being abruptly logged out. #964
    2. Fixed a minor corner case problem when authoring a branch merge point. #977
    3. Fixed a problem with not being able to author branch points based on a Multiple Choice answer. #952
    4. Made improvements to the Table component authoring.
    5. Changed indenting from 4 to 2 spaces in component es6 and html files. #931
    6. Moved the advanced component button to the top of the component.
    7. Added the inactive activities section in the authoring tool. #635
  2. Classroom Monitor:

    1. Reduced loading time when viewing component revisions by only showing the first 5 revision initially and then letting users optionally view more.
    2. Added numbers to each assessment item in the node (step) info display to correspond with the grading view.
    3. Fixed a bug that showed students names in the Grade by Team view when user didn't have permission to do so. #958
    4. Added workgroup (team) ID number to Grade by Step view and the workgroup select dropdown when user doesn't have permission to view student names.
  3. VLE:

    1. Made a performance optimization by calling updateNodeStatuses() less frequently. #965
    2. Fixed a bug that broke communication between Embedded component applications and WISE
  4. Portal:

    1. Refactored #955
    2. Changed *.java file indent from tabs to 2 spaces #971
  5. Misc

    1. Added that generates Plato report of W5 AT,CM,VLE,Components, and Services folders. #963
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