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@hirokiterashima hirokiterashima released this Dec 1, 2017 · 4101 commits to master since this release

Major changes

  1. Implemented tracking changes to project.json with JGit #970
  2. Allow special characters in passwords. #949
  3. Added JUnits to TravisCI build #995
  4. Fixed a bug in preview where a custom completion criteria would not be immediately satisfied. #1021
  5. Fixed W4 CM max score change not saving bug #1006

Minor changes

  1. Fixed WebSocket NPE when author logs out of AT #898
  2. Concept Map Component: Fixed a problem with the Submit button not being re-enabled when the student changes a link type. #1015
  3. Updated project showcase on the WISE homepage to order projects by ID descending (newest first)
  4. Remove uploaded zip file after uncompressing. #821.
  5. Created script to automate version bumping. #962.
  6. Updated karma dependencies. #1013
  7. Added-back test for creating users with the same username. #1020
  8. Commit will now abort when there are updated translation files during pre-commit hook. #1005
  9. Added mouse over plot lines to the Graph component
  10. Authoring Tool: Moved the advanced authoring buttons to the same row as the back button. #975
  11. Code Improvements
    1. Refactored TeacherAccountController #985
    2. Cleaned up pom.xml and web.xml formatting #991
    3. Refactored ProjectService.previewProject() #998
    4. Removed checking for instance of teacher or student user details. #1001
    5. Refactored StudentIndexController #984
    6. Removed components/audioRecorder directory #983
    7. TeacherAccountController.onSubmit: separated long method to one for creating new teacher and one for updating existing teacher. Fixes #985
    8. Cleaned formatting of wise5/test-unit and wise5/services directory. #960 #961 #981
    9. Removed unnecessary null-check for result of project.getWiseVersion(). #1000
    10. FileManager.getProjectFilePath no longer handles null input. #1017
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