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@hirokiterashima hirokiterashima released this Mar 29, 2018 · 4162 commits to develop since this release

Major Changes

  1. VLE improvements
    1. Improved initial loading time for projects with a lot of branch points.
    2. Now uses the new layout where step select drop down is in between the previous and next buttons.
    3. Increased number of options that are shown in the step select drop down from 5 to 10.
  2. AT improvements
    1. Added Help Documentation
    2. Added branch point, constraint, and rubric icons next to steps when in project view. Shows detailed info in tooltips. #1049 and #1050
    3. Now uses the new layout where step select drop down is in between the previous and next buttons.
    4. Improved the Constraint authoring UI
  3. Implemented importing work between components
    1. Concept Map, Embedded, Graph, Label, Table -> Draw
    2. Concept Map, Draw, Embedded, Graph, Table -> Label
    3. Draw, Embedded, Graph, Label, Table -> Concept Map
    4. Concept Map, Draw, Label -> Graph
  4. Label Component improvements
    1. Changed text position relative -> absolute to the dot
    2. Added padding to labels
  5. Open Response component improvements
    1. Added Custom Completion Criteria authoring.

Minor Changes

  1. Authoring Tool
    1. New: Added the ability to insert a step as the first step in an inactive activity.
    2. New: Added the ability to create a new step and place it directly in the Unused section.
    3. New: Added the ability to move inactive activities around within the Inactive Activities section.
    4. New: Added routes to go directly to the constraints view and transitions view so that authors can click on the constraint or branch icons in the project view and be brought directly to the appropriate view.
    5. New: Added a Verify button for the CRater item id in the Open Response Component. #890
    6. New: When an author clicks the Create button to create a project, we now display a message indicator and also disable the inputs so that they can't accidentally make multiple requests to create a project. #1046.
    7. Bug fix: where tooltips would have multiple lines even if the text only used one line.
    8. Bug fix: moving an active step into an inactive activity did not work properly.
    9. Bug fix: moving an inactive step within an inactive group to the inactive steps section did not work properly.
    10. Bug fix: deleting a node in an inactive activity would leave dangling references to the deleted node id. #992.
    11. Bug fix: when moving an activity where the Insert Inside and Insert After buttons would both show up for the group0 node when only the Insert Inside button should show up.
    12. Bug fix: where moving an inactive activity within the Inactive Activities section would create duplicates of the step nodes in that activity.
    13. Bug fix: broke a transition when inserting a step as the first step in an activity. #1083.
    14. Bug fix: Fixed a problem with the startNodeId not being updated properly in rare scenarios. #850.
  2. VLE
    1. Bug fix: images not rendering if their src path contained %20 or &. #889.
  3. Table Component improvements
    1. Connected components now merge tables instead of overwriting them.
  4. When the top left WISE logo is clicked in the VLE, Authoring Tool, or Grading Tool, we now send the user to the appropriate teacher/student/not signed in home page.
  5. Grading Tool
    1. Bug fix: unintended fields being saved in the node and component objects in the project.json. #1053
    2. Bug fix: the export would not include student data from the expected steps. #1054.
  6. Portal
    1. Admin owner will now appear in the share project/run teacher listing and project/run owner will not appear in the listing. #884
    2. Admins can now log in as another admin. #1061.
    3. Code improvements
  7. Graph Component
    1. Added custom point tooltips and custom series mouse over ability.
  8. Label Component
    1. New: Made the "Add New Label" button display even when in edit label text mode.
    2. Bug fix: the delete label button being visible while adding a label.
  9. Table Component
    1. New: If the author reduces the number of rows or columns, we no longer display a confirm popup if the rows or columns are empty. #1081.
    2. Bug fix: the label text input losing focus if a single label is clicked on twice.
  10. Other
    1. Implemented polling for WISE instance instead of sleeping for an arbitrary amount of time. #1079.
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