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@hirokiterashima hirokiterashima released this Sep 30, 2019 · 926 commits to develop since this release


This release includes an entirely new portal front-end application written in Angular, as well as support for load-balancing and a backend re-written with Spring-Boot.

Some major features of the new portal site are:

  • Updated page aesthetics, design, and structure
  • New WISE unit library, including search and filtering by Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS)
  • Redesigned teacher and student classroom schedules
  • Google Classroom integration (sign up with Google + add WISE units as Google Classroom assignments)

Other selected new features:

  • Milestones and Teacher Action Reports: Milestones and Teacher Action Reports: Notifies teachers when the class has completed a certain checkpoint, can provide summary data and suggest potential teacher interventions.
  • Teacher Notebook: A persistent space for teachers to take notes during a classroom run.
  • Summary component: This allows teachers and students to view a bar graph of the aggregate student responses or scores. You can read more about it here.

Closed Issues for This Release (Caveat: we culled 100+ issues to clean up our workspace. Many of these will make their way into the applications that we write in the future.)

Upgrade Instructions

Database changes

  • ALTER TABLE user_details ADD googleUserId varchar(255) NULL;
  • ALTER TABLE teacher_user_details MODIFY curriculumsubjects TINYBLOB NULL;
  • ALTER TABLE student_user_details MODIFY accountanswer varchar(255);
  • ALTER TABLE student_user_details MODIFY accountquestion varchar(255);
  • ALTER TABLE `user_details` ADD COLUMN `reset_password_verification_code_request_time` DATETIME NULL DEFAULT NULL AFTER `googleUserId`, ADD COLUMN `reset_password_verification_code` VARCHAR(255) NULL DEFAULT NULL AFTER `reset_password_verification_code_request_time`, ADD COLUMN `recent_failed_verification_code_attempt_time` DATETIME NULL DEFAULT NULL AFTER `reset_password_verification_code`, ADD COLUMN `recent_number_of_failed_verification_code_attempts` INT(11) NULL DEFAULT NULL AFTER `recent_failed_verification_code_attempt_time`;
  • ALTER TABLE notebookItems MODIFY periodId bigint null;
  • ALTER TABLE portal ADD announcement MEDIUMTEXT;
  • ALTER TABLE portal ADD projectLibraryGroups TEXT;
  • UPDATE portal SET announcement = '{"visible": false,"bannerText": "","bannerButton": "","title": "","content": "","buttons": []}' WHERE id = 1;

Install Redis and run command redis-cli config set notify-keyspace-events Egx
We are now using Redis to manage user sessions.

Properties file changes
We are no longer using and have moved over to using Copy to a new file named and place it in the same folder. Modify the values in accordingly.

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