WISE v5.1 Release Notes

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Table of Contents

Release Schedule

Stable release: May 26, 2016 Announcement
v5.0.3: April 29, 2016 Announcement
v5.0.2: April 11, 2016 Announcement
v5.0.1: March 28, 2016 Announcement


Downloads are available at wise5.org


WISE5 Goals Read WISE5's goals.

WISE5 Design Doc and Notes Read this to get an overview of what's new in WISE5.

List of Issues for v5.0 List of issues for WISE5.

This release requires Tomcat 8.0.x and and java 7+ to work with WebSockets. WISE@Berkeley is using Tomcat 8.0.28 with java 1.7.0_95 (as of May. 2016)

Major additions/changes

  1. Planning Activity. Students can design their own investigations by adding and ordering steps to the project.
  2. Notebook Note Item. collect work (drawing, label, table, simulations) snapshots and images as the student moves through the project. (More on this in a separate thread)
  3. Notebook Report. Use notebook items to write a report as the student moves through the project. Students can use the notebook items that they collected as evidence.
  4. Added WISE4 -> WISE5 project converter (access via "Advanced" section of WISE4 authoring tool). #574
  5. Implemented the pause screen feature
  6. Added Internationalization support for WISE5.
  7. AT: Implemented editing transitions from node authoring view. Authors can now add/edit/delete transitions for the node, including criteria functions like branching based on MC item choice. #607
  8. AT: Authors can now add a "wiselink" in their project that links to a step or activity. #616
  9. New "Audio Oscillator" WISE5 component.
  10. Added branching based on workgroup ID.
  11. Added copy project and copy step functionality for WISE5 projects #580
  12. Embedded components can now communicate with other components
  13. Summernote Rich Text Editor integration (used for notebook reports)
  14. Integration tests are now working with continuous build. #572. See https://travis-ci.org/WISE-Community/WISE.

Minor additions/changes

  1. Student attachments to discussion and open response now show up immediately once uploaded.
  2. Grading Tool: Add time spent and project completion percentage to the student progress page #575
  3. Grading Tool: Make online workgroups show up at the top of the list of workgroups #576
  4. Grading Tool: Add number of students on node, node completion percentage, and node average score #577
  5. Grading Tool: Made online workgroups show up at the top of the list of workgroups
  6. Grading Tool: Added the step number to the step titles in the student progress view
  7. Grading Tool: Allow teachers to comment on student work for components even if there is no max score for component
  8. Account menu: Added visual indicator of total score percentage to the star icon
  9. Standardized the "add to notebook" and "reset buttons" on components
  10. Graph Component: Made clicking to create new points and deleting points a little more user friendly.
  11. Graph Component: added “reset series” button, added more authoring options, big fixes
  12. Graph Component: Fixed a problem with label axis titles. Made the width and height of the graph authorable.
  13. Embedded Component: added support for automatic resizing of app iframe to match embedded application's content using iframe-resizer library
  14. Draw Component: Added the ability to hide tools and show background.
  15. Draw Component: Added the ability to import student draw data from another draw component in the same step.
  16. Label Component: Fixed a problem where a vertical scrollbar would show up when it was unnecessary.
  17. Connected Components: Added the authorable option to update connected components on student data change, save, or submit.
  18. AT: Sort assets by name and file size, added button to view image assets in a simple dialog popup. #578, #601 #602
  19. AT: Implemented the Inactive Steps section of the Authoring Tool.
  20. AT: Transitions are now properly updated when moving steps and activities around in the authoring tool.
  21. AT: Allow editing project title.
  22. AT: Display the run id next to the project id if the project is used in a run.
  23. Constraints: Implemented 'makeAllNodesAfterThisNotVisible' and 'makeAllNodesAfterThisNotVisitable' constraints.
  24. Constraints: added the ability to require any or all criteria for a constraint to be satisfied before removing the constraint, implemented more informative constraint messages to display to the student, updates to criteria JSON object
  25. UI: Unified the annotations displays for W5 component types
  26. UI: Display top and bottom borders to node content container in the VLE default theme that match the node icon color.
  27. UI: Fixed highlighting of the last visited step in the VLE default theme's map view
  28. W4 VLE: now shows teacher comments and auto graded feedback together when the Feedback button is clicked.
  29. W4 AT: delete existing unzipped folder before unzipping just-uploaded zip file. #599
  30. Export work: Added the options to special export Match steps with all work, first and latest work, or latest work. (More on this in a separate thread) #598
  31. Export work: Fixed a problem with draw stamps not showing up in the student data view, added the server postTime
  32. Export work: Added correctness columns for the Match special export
  33. New translations to Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Simplified Chinese, and Spanish
  34. Bug fixes, UI improvements, and code optimizations
  35. More E2E tests and unit tests.

Updating instructions (for people upgrading from v5.0)

1. Run queries to update database

ALTER TABLE notebookItems ADD COLUMN `localNotebookItemId` varchar(30) NULL DEFAULT NULL AFTER `type`;