WISE v5.3 Release Notes

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Table of Contents

Release Schedule

v5.3 Release Dec 16 2016 Announcement
v5.2.1 Released Nov 4, 2016 Announcement


Downloads are available at wise5.org


WISE5 Goals Read WISE5's goals.

WISE5 Design Doc and Notes Read this to get an overview of what's new in WISE5.

This release requires Tomcat 8.0.x and and java 7+ to work with WebSockets. WISE@Berkeley is using Tomcat 8.5.x with java 1.8 (as of Dec. 2016)

Major Changes

Classroom Monitor Redesign

  • Updated UI to match student vle style + sidebar to switch tools (views), select dropdown to choose nodes, added ambient alert icons to step items
  • Added ability to view revisions for all the components
  • Node grading view: added real-time updates, Added the option to show/hide individual components
  • Allow researcher to choose which steps and components when exporting all work, latest work, and events. #655
  • Added new export data view and added Notebook and Student Assets export functionality
  • Added event logging

Authoring Tool Improvements

  • Implemented branch authoring
  • Implemented constraint authoring. Both groups (activities) and nodes (steps) can be the target of constraints
  • Implemented edit transitions for groups. #680
  • Implemented edit import previous work for components
  • Improved show previous work component authoring
  • Implemented importing steps from other projects
  • Removed the 'Save & Close' button from the step authoring and added a 'Saved x seconds/minutes ago' message to the top right of the authoring tool.
  • Assets view window closes on escape key, not delete
  • Fixed a bug where creating a new step would re-use a node id from an inactive step
  • Fixed a bug where creating a step would have an empty title even if the author entered a title
  • Fixed a bug where a transition was not properly removed when the last group in the project was moved to a different location
  • Fixed a bug where assets were not retrieved correctly when switching between projects
  • Added the ability to delete inactive nodes as well as move inactive nodes around within the inactive section
  • Advanced authoring now alerts when error parsing JSON. #682
  • Reduced version change commit frequencies.


  • Text in Student VLE, Authoring Tool, Classroom Manager, and components have been internationalized and can be translated using the translation tool.

Development using Docker

Minor Changes

Concept Map Component

  • Show the auto feedback in a modal dialog
  • Annotations are now created for auto score/feedback
  • Added limiting the number of student submits
  • Fixed some problems in Chrome and Firefox where the coordinate locations were not being calculated properly


  • Added CRater authoring
  • Implemented multiple attempt feedback rules and notifications
  • Moved notification rules out from CRater content to component-level


  • Added authoring for the background and stamps, enable/disable all tools buttons
  • Implemented starter drawing
  • Added the ability to set the width and height of the draw canvas


  • Added checkbox for enabling student uploads

Embedded Component

  • Send the student data to the embedded application any time student data is saved on the node
  • Can now request student data from WISE5
  • Added options to specify css height and width of iframe

Graph Component

  • Added graph snipping to notebook
  • Added the ability to specify a background image for the graph.
  • Added check boxes for showing trials
  • Fix error where initial empty trial is not deleted when importing data to a Graph component
  • Implemented the option of showing all trials or only the latest trial when a new trial is added
  • Hide all trials on new trial by default and hide trial to edit select if less than two trials are shown
  • When changing active trials, set the active series to the first series in the new active trial
  • Implemented the ability for the student to upload a csv file to populate the graph
  • Styling improvements

Label Component

  • Fixed a bug in the authoring where the canvas would disappear when any authoring changes were made to the component
  • Students can now upload a background image
  • Improved UI to make editing and deleting labels easier

Match Component

  • Fixed column layout of choices


  • Added Notebook authoring
  • Implemented deleting notes
  • Preview users can now save notebook items, including snipping images
  • Notebook Report now saves on exiting the notebook and loads prior data when the VLE is starting up instead of when the notebook is opened.
  • Made the "Add to Notebook" button text use the Notebook label that is set in the project
  • Fixed a bug where the no notes message was still displayed even when workgroup had notebook items

Open Response Component

  • Added starter sentence authoring
  • Added a max submit count


  • Import project now fetches importable projects from wise5.org and presents them as options.
  • Removed the need to specify WISE version before importing. #559

Table Component

  • Fixed a bug where the show previous work prompt value was not being updated properly in the authoring.

Global popup feedback

  • Implemented global popup, where feedback appears in a popup and will stay active until the specified criteria (e.g. revisit&revise work) is met.


  • Fixed a bug where the VLE would not load if the author deleted the step the student was last on.
  • Added check to see is login is allowed during each session renewal. If not, show message to student/teacher/author that they need to save their work and log out soon.
  • wise.sh script now confirms with user when "reset" parameter is passed in. Fixes #671.
  • Modified to save advanced JSON on blur for all components.
  • Changed the order of the save and submit buttons so that save shows up on the left and submit shows up on the right. Added 'Show Save Button' and 'Show Submit Button' authoring
  • Made WISE components into modules and updated main.es6 for VLE, AT, CM to load them as modules.
  • Modified studentStatus saving so that students now POST the studentStatus, the server saves it, and the server sends message to teacher over websocket.
  • Disallow authoring when isLogInAllowed=false. #674
  • Implemented dismissing ambient notifications in preview mode.
  • Fixed bug where ideas couldn't be made public in non-english language. #695
  • Removed commons-fileupload dependency and replaced existing file upload code with Spring's fileupload.
  • Update angular-translate to better support html symbols in the wise5 vle and authoring tool.
  • Replaced commons-httpclient dependency with HttpComponents. #673
  • Upgraded apache commons-lang dependency from 2.2 -> 3.5
  • Upgraded commons-io dependency from 2.2 to 2.5.
  • Upgrade hibernate dependency from 4.3.11 -> 5.0.10
  • Upgrade spring dependency from 4.3.0 -> 4.3.4
  • Upgrade mysql-connector-java dependency from 5.1.36 -> 5.1.39
  • Upgrade hsqldb dependency from 2.3.2 -> 2.3.4
  • Updated spring security dependency 4.1.0 -> 4.2.0.
  • Updated angular-material to v1.1.1
  • Removed unused maven reporting plugins surefire-report and findbugs
  • Removed /authorize and r-apache endpoint.
  • Reorganized code, removed unused files, improved build process.
  • Made a small update to the WISE terms of use to further clarify the user privacy policy
  • Added more E2E tests

Updating Instructions

(for people upgrading from v5.2)

1. Run queries to update database


    1. change event.periodId column from not nullable -> nullable
    alter table `events` change column `periodId` `periodId` bigint(20) null;