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Welcome to the W6100EVB-TLS wiki!


TLS Client Example for W6100-EVB

Common to Any MCU, Easy to Add-on. Internet Offload co-Processor, HW TCP/IP chip, best fits for low-end Non-OS devices connecting to Ethernet for the Internet of Things. These will be updated continuously.

Hardware Environment

  • W6100EVB
    • connecting Micro usb.
    • connecting Ethernet cable.

Software Environment

In case of used to TrueSTUDIO, It is the same as HTTP Server example.

How to make certificate.

  • make ca.crt and ca.key file.

  • make server.key file.

  • make server.csr file.

  • make and server.crt file.

  • make cerificate.h
    • Please server.crt file transporates to header format.

Program setting.

  • change server ip and device ip.


  • Demo Environment & Program

    • Windows 10
    • Internet Explorer
    • Hercules
  • Demo Result

    • Power On and push Reset button to start Program
    • Program Run Serial display
    • open server(openssl s_server)
      • build project and excute program.

  • mesage loop back test
    • if end masage send, connect closed.

Code review

  • main.c code flow

Test packet capture file

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