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Emacs Faff Theme - a light theme based on the Emacs default, extensively tweaked.
Emacs Lisp
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Emacs Faff Theme

A light theme intended to clear but calming and easy to look at.

Originally based on the Emacs default, but with an ivory3 background with many tweaks on top.

The font in the screenshot is the beautiful Ubuntu Mono.


Packages and areas that I use, that have therefore had some attention:

  • general font-lock faces for coding (mostly in Py, C, JS)
  • web-mode
  • ivy, counsel, ace-window
  • magit
  • diff
  • dired
  • powerline,
  • org / outline
  • hl-line
  • whitespace highlighting
  • emms
  • erc
  • treemacs

Comments, suggestions and pull requests welcome.

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