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Support files for starting EXWM (the Emacs X Window Manager) in a GNOME-Flashback session
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exwm-gnome-flashback LICENSE

Allows you to use exwm in a GNOME-Flashback session. This is the Gnome 'fallback' session, which restores functionality that has been subsumed into the Gnome Shell, making it more suitable for running other WMs. The aim is to piggy-back exwm onto the curated conveniences of the Gnome Desktop Environment.

This is simplistically ripped from i3-gnome-flashback (pretty much s/i3/exwm/), which in turn was based on i3-gnome project.

This has been tested working on GNOME version 3.28 / Ubuntu 18.04.


Clone this repository and run make install with root priviledges.

Install the gnome-flashback package, and of course Emacs with the exwm package.

This setup launches Emacs with emacs --eval '(exwm-enable)', so configure your Emacs to load exwm when (exwm-enable) is executed, e.g.:

(autoload 'exwm-enable "my-exwm-config.el")
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