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WKU Makerspace Safety & Orientation

The Makerspace is an open-access resource for the sharing of tools and knowledge. Everyone is welcome, and everyone should be made to feel welcome; all language and behavior should be inclusive. There are inherent physical risks to being in any space with tools. Users acknowledge this risk. Repeated unsafe and/or inappropriate behavior may result in loss of access.

In the case of a serious emergency, immediately turn off all equipment, dial 911, and contact a staff member.

All injuries, no matter how minor, must immediately be reported to a staff member.

Restricted Items & Behavior

Everything created in the space must comply with WKU policy; no weapons, inappropriate images/objects, etc., may be brought into or built within the space. If you have any doubts about the appropriateness of your project, please clear it with a staff member.


The Makerspace staff is always available. Please direct any and all questions or requests for information to any Makerspace staff member.


Leaderboard achievements recognize earned levels of competence and responsibility.

  • Checkmarks (✔) designate competence with a tool or concept.
  • Checkmarks with plus symbols (✔**+**) designate ability to lead/teach.

Participants must earn at least a checkmark before operating any tool alone.

Tool Safety

Makerspace users and staff are responsible for adhering to the following rules and procedures:

  • All tools must remain within the Makerspace while in use. Makerspace staff can provide information on which tools are suited for various tasks.
  • Safety glasses must be used while operating any tool or action that creates flying debris (files, drill, etc.)
  • Loose clothes, long hair, or any other similar hazard must be secured before operating tools.
  • Gloves must be used while handling tools or materials with sharp, exposed edges.
  • Tools must be put away and cleaned after use.

Makerspace users must complete training prior to operating the 3D printers, X-Carve router and power tools. These tools feature sensitive technical programming, fast moving parts, and/or extremely hot surfaces. Comply with all safety requirements when in operation.

Do not touch another user's project without first obtaining direct consent from that user or from a staff member.

Makerspace users are responsible for cleaning up before leaving each day. Return tools to proper location, vacuum/sweep, and store projects/parts.

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