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WMFO Training System

WMFO - Tufts Freeform Radio
written by Nicholas Andre
For copyrights and licensing, see COPYING
Version 2.5.0

The WMFO Training Site is a purpose built web application designed to facilitate the WMFO training process. It was a learning project by Nicholas Andre during the 2012/2013 school year. It is built in the spirit of Web 1.0 architecture, utilizing almost no Javascript and a truly non-scalable PHP structure. Thanks to all the mistakes Nick made here, he has learned a lot about what not to do when building websites.

It is not recommended to try and modify this code. It is somewhat unlikely that this code will see much TLC in the future from Nick, as this job does not pay very well.

The Training Site has entered a Long Term Limited Support phase. Only critical bug fixes and minimal content updates will follow. and Nick will complain about having to do work like this.

General Description

A login management platform capable of keeping track of registration, attendance, and checklist functionality. Currently it is very specifically tailored to the WMFO 2 week training process. Modification for another platform would prove difficult, but it could be used as a basis for a more complicated CMS. It includes basic registration, login, password reset through email, and other things.


9/12/16 -- V 2.5.0 Removed the TEMS branding. Backups no longer fail silently (failures prevent reset).

8/12/13 -- V 2.4.0
Added support for entering Student ID number and integrated backup and restore.

2/21/13 -- V 2.3.0 All bug fixes and logic fixes implemented from second training session and additional features added. In particular, the logic regarding attendance lockout for add/drop students was corrected to take into account the ability of the admin user to modify attendance. TEMS entering Long Term Minimal Support phase.

2/9/13 -- V 2.0
All Features Functional. Includes ability to view quiz results. End of primary development phase. Only bug fixes and minor tweaks to follow.

9/16/12 -- V 1.50
Wrapped in CSS to make it look pretty.

9/12/12 -- V 1.15
User Modification is now possible from user page in global admin or from individual user pages.

9/9/12 -- V 1.00
Added checklist modification capability. User modification still impossible, but deemed unecessary for the mean time given the global delete feature. This is the primary release for the system. Bug fixes may follow.

9/8/12 -- V 0.98
Added Statistics information, global reset, stronger password hashing based on blowfish. Ready for initial deployment. Still to come are the full CMS features of the Checklist and User Modification (this may not be implemented in favor of simply razing all user accounts at the end of the training cycle.) This release requires setting your pwd column to VARCHAR(60).

9/6/12 -- V 0.95
Functionality now includes password reset emailing with typo.

8/30/12 -- V 0.90
Production Beta Release. To undergo final testing and initial deployment.

8/28/12 -- V 0.85
Added user management and fixed a few bugs.

First push, version 0.80. 90% of basic functionality added. Administration yet to be completed.


Website used by new DJs to sign up for training show and learn about the station.







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