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WMFO Wiki => Github

Important WMFO-related Destinations:

Browsing the current Wiki

This wiki may be navigated by navigating the github repository. Pages are all in Markdown with various links. Any page with attachments will include an attachment link at the bottom, and any images that were attached should be displayed.

Editing requires you have a Github account and are also a member of the WMFO github organization. Edits can, however, be made in browser in native Markdown. Contact ops at for information.

Private data has been migrated to a protected github repot. Contact ops at for information.

Why the new wiki?

Tragically, mindTouch (rather abruptly and fully) stopped supporting the wiki software which ran the old WMFO wiki.

All of the data from the original site was painstakingly dumped and converted to markdown and preserved here. All the old attachments are available here and we have added links to the bottom of pages which had them previously.

For the time being, you can access the old site here but it's going to fade in and out and will eventually be retired as we have no way of ensuring security of the site.

Future Work and Editing

This version of the site is (quite) rough around the edges right now; bear with us while we clean it up. Important data will be migrated to the main WMFO site over the next few weeks.

Please shoot a message to ops at with any questions or if you want to edit any of these documents.

We're also looking into setting this up as a Github Pages site with Jekyll. Stay tuned (or let us know if you want to help)!


I'm sure you also came here to find the official final tally on the geeks who did the most editing on WMFO Wiki v1: