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Nimble Advertizer code samples

Here you can find examples of Nimble Advertizer usage. You can find Advertizer description here and full technical specification here: Live demo is here:

You can find the following examples of JSON responses from main handler:

Some examples are specific to per-session handling:

  • per-session-response.json is an example of main handler which contains session_handler section
  • per-session-handler-request.json is an example of request which is sent to per-session handler by Nimble Advertizer
  • per-session-handler-response.json is an example of per-session handler response to Nimble Advertizer

Read this article for more details about per-session personalized ads insertion and stats collection:

Notice that some JSON files have comments, so please clean them up before using in your environment. You can make your JSON files available via HTTP or HTTPS and point your Advertizer config there so it could take instructions to run.

Feel free to ask for more handlers and responses examples via our helpdesk:


Code samples for Nimble Advertizer usage




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