Sample code snippets for paywall WMSAuth feature set for Wowza and Nimble Streamer
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Code snippets for WMSAuth Paywall feature set

WMSAuth Paywall is a feature set of WMSPanel which is the admin and reporting panel for media servers. This feature set can be applied to Wowza Streaming Engine ( and Nimble Streamer ( It allows restriction of your media access by:

  • hot-linking re-publishing protection;
  • geo-location and IP ranges;
  • connections count.

Please read Paywall section of WMSPanel website for details:

"pay-per-view" directory has reference code, requests and responses for pay-per-view feature set described in respective articles for Nimble Streamer and Wowza.

The following sample code snippets are provided for quick and seamless integration of hot-linking protection. The repository directories have the code as described below.

"CSharp" contains C# snippet.

"java" contains Java snippet.

"javascript" contains NodeJS JavaScript snippet.

"python" contains Python snippet.

"php" contains snippets for PHP: