Travelistics surveyed possible sources of business intelligence data for tourism in Sogn og Fjordane, Norway
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This is the repository for code developed in the Travelistics project at the Western Norway Research Institute.

Design and code for Travelistics

The code is covered by the WTFPL, the logo is a trademark of, and copyrighted Western Norway Research Institute.


addfromcsv.php is made to push data from a csv to piwik using the piwik API.

When loading historical data there are two important things to beware:

  1. change site creation date in (piwik_site) to be at the beginning of imported data
  2. drop all archive tables, which forces Piwik to recompute the data

When you have to process a lot of historical data it also comes handy to have the piwik/misc/cron/ script run from command line instead of accessing Piwik via web interface which will cause to process all historical data (after you dropped archive tables).