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WOA Deployer for Lumia

The application to install Full Windows 10 into your Lumia 950s!


Lumia 950 and 950 XL are very special phones. They have the superpower to run Windows 10 ARM64. Using this tool you will be able to give them new life. Because there's life after Windows Mobile 😉

Super easy to use. No-hassle.

Please keep reading carefully. All you need is here.

It allows Dual Booting Windows 10 Mobile

You don't have to ditch Windows 10 Phone 😃 You can keep it!! Using this tool, you can enable Dual Boot in literally 2 clicks. Please, check this video to see a demo of this feature.


  • A Lumia 950 or 950 XL with unlocked bootloader that can correctly enter Mass Storage Mode
  • A USB-C cable to connect the Lumia to your PC
  • A Windows 10 ARM64 Image (.wim). Please, check this link to get it.

Additional requirements

  • To run WOA Deployer you need a recent version of Windows 10 (please, use the latest to ensure it'll run correctly, don't open issues otherwise)
  • .NET Framework 4.6.1 (should come included in recent versions of Windows)

How do I use it?

Please, watch this video tutorial made by our friends at

▶ Watch it here

Download it!

Download the latest version here

Executing the tool

  1. Extract the .zip to a folder in your PC
  2. Navigate to the GUI folder
  3. Find the .exe file
  4. Run it

Show the love 🧡

Do you like my tool? Has it been useful for you? Then, I hope you 👉 support my work

Need help?

Don't hesitate to join our great Telegram group 📱

Credits and Acknowledgements

  • Ben Imbushuo for his awesome work with UEFI and misc. stuff.
  • Gustave M. for his HUGE load of work on drivers, testing, fixing... For his support, suggestions, for testing and those neat pieces of code!
  • René Lergner (Heathcliff74XDA) for WPInternals and for the code to read info from the phone. You started everything 😉
  • Googulator. For his work on the USB-C and for the great support.
  • Swift (AppleCyclone) for suggestions and his work with the rest of team.
  • Abdel ADeltaX for testing and for his work.

In addition to: