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WOA Deployer for Raspberry Pi 3

The application to install Full Windows 10 into your Raspberry Pi!


Super easy to use. No-hassle.

Please keep reading carefully. All you need is here.


  • Raspberry Pi 3 Model B (or B+)
  • MicroSD card. Recommended with A1 rating.
  • A Windows 10 ARM64 Image (.wim). Please, check this link to get it.

Additional requirements

  • To run WOA Deployer you need a recent version of Windows 10 (please, use the latest to ensure it'll run correctly, don't open issues otherwise)
  • .NET Framework 4.6.1 (should come included in recent versions of Windows)

Download it

Download the latest version

Executing the tool

  1. Extract the .zip to a folder in your PC
  2. Navigate to the GUI folder
  3. Find the .exe file
  4. Run it

Show the love 🧡

Do you like my tool? Has it been useful for you? Then, I hope you 👉 support my work

Donate to the contributors of this project

Please, don't forget that the RaspberryPi WOA Project is supported by other individuals and companies (see the credits and acknowledgements section).

Need help?

Then visit our projects website at, the one-stop solution for all your questions 😊

It's also recommended that you read the FAQ 📘 And, of course, don't hesitate to join our great Telegram group 📱

Credits and Acknowledgements

This WOA Deployer is possible because the great community behind it. I would like to thank the brilliant minds behind this technical wonder. If you think you should be listed, please, contact me using the e-mail address on my profile.

  • Andrei Warkentin for the 64-bit Pi UEFI, UEFI Pi (HDMI, USB, SD/MMC) drivers, improved ATF and Windows boot/runtime support.

  • MCCI for their great contribution to the RaspberryPI WOA project:

    • for porting their TrueTask USB stack to Windows 10 ARM64, and allowing non-commercial use with this project (see license)
    • for funding the site of the project and the discourse site
    • Special thanks to Terry Moore for all the great support and commitment, and for setting up the online presence for the project and its infrastructure.
  • Ard Bisheuvel for initial ATF and UEFI ports

  • Googulator for his method to install WOA in the Raspberry Pi

  • Bas Timmer (@NTauthority) for leaving ample thick hints that led to the development of HypDXe and the first bootable WOA builds

  • Microsoft for their original 32-bit UEFI for Pi, Windows BSP drivers, and for removing the HAL check that required HypDxe in the first place, so now we can run any new build.

  • Mario Bălănică for his awesome tool, and for tips and support :)

    • daveb77
    • thchi12
    • falkor2k15
    • driver1998
    • XperfectTR
    • woachk
    • novaspirit
    • zlockard

    ...for everything from ACPI/driver work to installation procedures, testing and so on.

  • Microsoft for the 32-bit IoT firmware.

In addition to:

And our wonderful group at Telegram for their testing and support!

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