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This is a fork of Dungeon Crawl Stone Stoup, adding a lot of new content, most of it terrible.

New Species

Golem Formed from clay, Golems are robust constructs that cannot use equipment. They begin with incredible attributes that do not increase as they grow.

Grue Grues are strange, stealthy predators that are adapted to life in the darkness. They slip further into the shadows as they grow.

Crystal Dwarf Crystal Dwarves have reflective, crystalline skin that naturally shields them. Though less robust than other dwarves, they are skilled at elemental magic.

Robot Robots are metallic humanoids crafted by Dwarves. They break equipment when uninstalling it and have a poor grasp of religion, but can shoot lasers.

Bodach Bodach are mortal descendants of an ancient celestial species. They change between four distinct aspects, but have limited control over the process.

Ember Elf Ember Elves have depleted magical reserves, but regenerate magical power quickly. As they develop, their magic becomes more powerful but harder to control.

Werewolf Though the moon does not shine inside the dungeon, Werewolves' uncontrollable lycanthropy is sometimes triggered by their bloodlust.

Obsidian Dwarf An ancient species in which the fire of magic has cooled, Obsidian Dwarves must expend their lifeforce to cast spells. They both cause and receive extra harm.

Angel Angels are graceful, holy beings created by the Shining One. Most angels continue to serve their maker, but they are free to follow another god if they wish.

Kitsune Kitsune are enthralling fox spirits that take on human shapes. They are poor at most skills and frailer than humans, but can charm their foes.

Flan Flans are gelatinous and slightly corrosive beings. Their fluid shape lets them fit easily into any body armour, but they cannot wear other armour types.

Yeti Yeti are large, seldom-seen creatures that live on frozen mountain peaks. Sufficiently mature Yeti passively freeze their foes.

Hedgehog Rolling around at the speed of sound, Hedgehogs have got places to go and gotta follow their rainbow.

Ratling Ratlings are verminous humanoids that mature at an incredible pace, but learn very slowly. They have an affinity for poison magic.

Leprechaun Leprechauns are small and frail but versatile. Their intrinsic luck gives them a knack for finding better items and more gold than other species.

Chaoskin Created by Xom for reasons unknown, Chaoskin constantly evolve. They are better than average at everything, but can't escape Xom's attention for long.

Profound Elf Deeper than a Deep Elf and twice as elven, Profound Elves are extremely frail magical experts.

Unipode Unipodes are distantly related to Octopodes, but have a single tentacle instead of eight. They can only wear one ring and cannot use two-handed weapons.

Fungoid Fungoids are mushroom-like humanoids with roots instead of feet. They move exceptionally slowly but can release confusing spores at enemies when they attack.

Water Sprite Water Sprites are slow, extremely frail, and cannot read scrolls in the presence of monsters. However, they instantly heal themselves when alone.

Felid Mummy Felid Mummies are undead Felids whose lives have run out. It would take a true display of skill for one of these beings to snatch the Orb.

New Backgrounds

Noble Nobles are wealthy elites who enter the Dungeon looking for adventure. They have poor attributes but bring the best equipment money can buy.

Understudy It's opening night for "The Orb of Zot" and the hero is sick! The Understudy must learn their role quickly if they want to make it through the final act.

Deprived Deprived start with nothing but a ration and almost no skills. Survival may prove... difficult.

Slime Priest Slime Priests follow the shapeless slime god Jiyva and are sent into the dungeon to spread slime and jellies.

Annihilator Annihilators follow the destructive magical god Vehumet. They know the Magic Dart spell and eventually learn new spells directly from their god.

Blood Knight Blood Knights follow the chaotic and destructive god Makhleb. They start with little skill in their chosen weapon but soon learn to invoke Makhleb's power.

Torpor Knight Torpor Knights follow Cheibriados and wear heavy, ponderous armour to gain their god's favour more quickly.

Storm Cleric Storm clerics spread destruction in the name of Qazlal.

Accursed Accursed serve Ashenzari, the god of curses, and come to the dungeon partially bound with cursed equipment.

Gambler Followers of Nemelex Xobeh who have lost everything in a run of bad luck sometimes venture into the Dungeon. They'll need Nemelex's help to turn things around.

Merchant Merchants are followers of Gozag. Whether newly established or unsuccessful on the surface world, they enter the Dungeon desperate for a source of income.

Redneck Rednecks bring their trusty wand of scattershot and a potion of degeneration to the Dungeon. They aren't good at much besides fighting.

Alchemist Alchemists carry a variety of helpful potions and a dagger but are inexperienced with combat.

Entomologist Entomologists study insects and related creatures. They bring along a net and a sack of spiders, and can also summon butterflies.

Farmer Farmers carry a sharp, trusty scythe and have great attributes, but little else.

Chef Chefs know the basics of magically cooking and freezing monsters (though oddly they prefer butchered chunks raw). They are well supplied with food.

Sorcerer Sorcerers start with a random destructive spellbook and a (well-worn) robe of archmagi.

Librarian Librarians come to the Dungeon in search of new books for their collection. They bring a few random books along with them and know the Apportation spell.