Basic Authentication handler for the JSON API, used for development and debugging purposes
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Basic Authentication handler

This plugin adds Basic Authentication to a WordPress site.

Note that this plugin requires sending your username and password with every request, and should only be used over SSL-secured connections or for local development and testing. Without SSL we strongly recommend using the OAuth 1.0a authentication handler in production environments.


  1. Download the plugin into your plugins directory
  2. Enable in the WordPress admin


This plugin adds support for Basic Authentication, as specified in RFC2617. Most HTTP clients will allow you to use this authentication natively. Some examples are listed below.


curl --user admin:password


$args = array(
	'headers' => array(
		'Authorization' => 'Basic ' . base64_encode( $username . ':' . $password ),


const WPAPI = require('./wpapi')
const wp = new WPAPI({
    endpoint: '',
    username: 'editor',
    password: 'password'