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WP API Developer Console

An open source version of that works with WP API.

Setting Up

Step 1: Creating a Consumer

Once you have WP API and the OAuth server plugins activated on your server, you'll need to create a "consumer". This is an identifier for the application, and includes a "key" and "secret", both needed to link to your site.

Go to Applications > Users and add your application there. Be sure to specify the callback URL as the path to the console's land.html page!

Note the key and secret returned when you add the application. You'll need those in a moment.

Step 2: Save your configuration

Time to link the console to your site. Copy config.sample.json to config.json and begin editing. You'll need to set all options in there, and your api_url setting should point to your API install without the trailing slash:

    "api_url": "",
    "client_key": "sDc51JgH2mFu",
    "client_secret": "LnUdIsyhPFnURkatekRIAUfYV7nmP4iF3AVxkS5PRHPXxgOW"

Replace with the site you're running WP API on.

Step 3: Run it!

Open the console in your browser. You should see routes appear in the top left of your screen. (If these are missing, your api_url is set incorrectly.)

To make authenticated requests, simply hit the Auth button and follow the steps on-screen!

NOTE - The API console does not protect against someone reading the secrets in your config.json from a web browser or other HTTP client! Be sure to secure your installation by requiring authentication through your web server.


  • Uses code based on OpenStreetMap's osm-auth. Licensed under the public domain.
  • Originally based on the open source version of's API Console. Major thanks to Automattic and developers for releasing this.


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